Overview of health promotion and preventive healthcare offering

SWICA actively supports those who are committed to learning about and maintaining their health. That's why SWICA makes contributions of up to 800 francs* towards activities relating to health promotion and preventive healthcare.

*SWICA contributes 50% of the costs up to 500 francs per year (up to 300 francs per type of activity) from the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA supplementary insurance plan and 90% of the costs exceeding this amount up to 300 francs per year from OPTIMA towards health-related services provided by SWICA-recognised providers.
(Here you can find three examples of how SWICA's contribution is calculated)

SWICA's four preventive activity categories


Activity category: Exercising and building strength
Exercising and targeted strengthening play an important role in your personal health and in preventing non-communicable diseases (e.g. obesity, cardiovascular disease, back pain and high blood pressure). SWICA supports the following exercise and strengthening programmes:

Offers Information about SWICA-recognised partners
Full-year and half-year memberships for fitness training in fitness centres (strength training or group fitness courses)
Directory of fitness centres
Fitness memberships at myClubs (strength training or group fitness courses)
Offer page
The following exercise programmes
– Aerobics
– Functional training
– Aqua-fit / aqua-training
– Curative eurythmy
– Baby swimming
– Nordic walking / walking
– Feldenkrais method
– Personal training
– Fitness/swimming courses
– Back exercises / back strengthening
– Yoga / Pilates: see under activity type "Wellbeing"
– For other offers see the list of course leaders             
Directory of course leaders
Personal Training  List of personal trainers
running.COACH interactive running training Offer page
SalutaCoach, individual exercise coaching Offer page (available in German)
Climbing: full-year or half-year memberships of climbing centres Directory of climbing centres
Golf: Migros Golfpark contributions towards Migros GolfCard Information about GolfCard offering
Gymnastics: Contributions to the Swiss Gymnastics Federation Information about Gymnastics Federation offering
Tennis: Contributions towards active membership of SwissTennis clubs
Information about tennis contributions
Dance: Various dance courses Directory of dance schools
Cross-country skiing: Loipen Schweiz contributions towards cross-country ski pass / season ticket Information about Loipen Schweiz offering

Activity category: Nutrition
Nutrition plays an important role in your health and wellbeing. Thorough knowledge is essential in developing good nutritional habits for maintaining your health. That's why SWICA supports numerous programmes for a conscious and healthy approach to nutrition with SWICA-recognised partners:

 Offers Information about SWICA-recognised partners
Nutritional analysis and advice, delivered by SWICA-recognised providers
with SVDE-ASDD members, legally recognised nutritionists
Participation in Weight Watchers courses (at least three months)
Offer page
 Diet and nutrition programs from mycoach, Oviva or SalutaCoach
Offer page
Obesity camp for children up to the age of 18 Provider can be freely selected in CH
Alternative nutritional consultation about Ayurveda, TCM and TEN by a SWICA-recognised service provider
Directory of therapists

Activity category: Relaxation and wellbeing
The pressures and strains of everyday life can take a toll on us. That’s why it’s important to lead a balanced life and boost your wellbeing and health competence. SWICA supports your steady commitment in this area with generous contributions from its COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans:

Offers  Information about SWICA-recognised partners
Full-year and half-year memberships for indoor pools, thermal baths and saunas
Provider can be freely selected in CH
Courses and treatments for relaxation and increased wellbeing:
– Acupressure
– Acupuncture point massage
– Alexander technique
– Aromatherapy
– Breathing exercises
– Audio-psycho-phonology/tomatis
– Autogenic training
– Ayurveda massage
– Baby massage course
– Bach flowers for home use (course)
– Connective tissue and fascia massage
– Brain Gym
– Craniosacral therapy
– Dorn / Breuss therapy
– Colour therapy
– Foot reflexology
– Medicinal plants for home use (course)
– Classic massage
– Kneipp applications
– First aid with homeopathy
– Course on Schuessler salts for home user
– Magnetic field therapy
– Manual lymph drainage
– Music therapy
– Pilates
– Polarity
– Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson (course)
– Qigong
– Reflexology
– Reiki
– Shiatsu
– Structural integration / rolfing
– Tai chi
– Touch for Health
– Tui na / an mo
– Wraps and compresses (course)
– Yoga
– Further offers in the directory of course leaders
Directory of course leaders
 Health coaching by SalutaCoach Offer page (available in German)

Activity category: Preventive healthcare
Preventive healthcare comprises activities which counteract the negative effects of certain health disorders and illnesses. SWICA contributes towards the cost of the following preventive measures as long as they are carried out by a SWICA-recognised partner and provider:

 Offers Information about SWICA-recognised partners
Mindfulness training (MBSR / TLEX) Offer page
Various preventive healthcare courses
– Asthma consultation
– Respiratory therapy for respiratory illnesses
– Eye training / visual training
– Bechterew gymnastics
– Pelvic floor exercises
– Withdrawal from addictive substances
– Memory training in the case of dementia
– Heart groups
– Sports groups for cancer sufferers
– Osteoporosis gymnastics
– Pre-diabetes programmes
– Swimming for sufferers of rheumatism
– Back and spine school / postural exercises
– Spiral dynamics
– Coping with chronic pain
Offer page
Fall prevention courses Offer page
Diabetes prevention Offer page
Sleep hygiene santé24 Offer page


Personal consultation
If the course you're interested in isn't listed or if you need more information, SWICA Customer Service would be happy to help. Call us on 0800 80 90 80 or send us a message using the contact form below.

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Do even more for your health.

Tabea Neuhaus
«SWICA pays 800 francs towards my gym membership. And it offers the BENEVITA bonus programme which helps people who enjoy exercise and have a health-conscious lifestyle to keep their premiums down. I would recommend SWICA to anyone who is interested in exercise and health.»
Jennifer Hoeffleur
«SWICA supports me in my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. When I was trying out Bodypump with a friend, she told me that SWICA made generous contributions to her fitness club membership. So I also switched to SWICA, and am very happy I did. SWICA also provides support in the form of the BENEVITA bonus programme.»
Loris Hausammann
«I do a lot of sport in my spare time, so it’s important to me to have an insurance partner which supports me financially on that front. The range of services provided by SWICA is transparent and easy to understand, which suits me very well. I also like SWICA’s friendly professional staff and the easy-to-use invoice app.»