Travel insurance for families

International travel insurance for you and your family

VACANZA travel insurance gives you optimum cover globally. In the event of illness or accident, SWICA provides financial security worldwide when you are travelling.

Choose SWICA now and experience the best customer satisfaction worldwide at an attractive price.

Travel securely with SWICA VACANZA – from just one week and with individually customised cover

You can adjust your VACANZA plan to suit your needs. All three VACANZA Packages can be selected and combined exactly as you like.


From just CHF 12.– Premium for 1 week, one person,
sum insured CHF 50'000

  • Treatment abroad
    Emergency outpatient and inpatient treatment worldwide.
  • Cost of accommodation and travel
    Cover of up to 10'000 francs towards the cost of hotels, accommodation and rebooking if returning home or continuing the trip proves impossible for medical reasons.
  • Personal assistance
    Medically necessary rescue, recovery and emergency transport; repatriation to Switzerland.
  • Selectable sums insured
    See recommandations

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VACANZA supplementary package 1

From just CHF 6.05 Premium for 1 week, one person
  • Trip curtailment/interruption
    Cover of up to 30'000 francs (individuals) or 50'000 francs (families) per event if you have to curtail your trip due to illness or accident.
  • Luggage
    Cover of up to 2'000 francs towards costs arising from damaged or stolen luggage (200 franc deductible) per event.
  • Legal protection for trips abroad
    Cover of up to 300'000 francs (EU/EFTA/GB) or 50'000 francs (rest of the world) per event.

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VACANZA supplementary package 2

From just CHF 21.25 Premium for 1 week, one person
  • Travel cancellation costs
    Cover of travel cancellation costs due to illness, accident, death or sudden unemployment. Cover of up to 30'000 francs (individuals) or 50'000 francs (families) per event. 

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VACANZA travel insurance can be taken out online for any period between one and 26 weeks and is suitable for both a short holiday or a longer stay abroad. It is not possible to extend the insurance period afterwards. The policy can only be taken out if you are legally resident in Switzerland. Choose your individual offer and enjoy a carefree holiday.

If you have COMPLETA TOP supplementary insurance from SWICA, your medical treatment and repatriation costs outside Switzerland are already covered.

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Your advantages and benefits at a glance.

Whether travelling privately or on business, alone or with the whole family – SWICA offers you tailored and reliable insurance protection during your trip abroad. Choose between three different benefit packages or combine them to meet your own requirements. Each package is available for a trip of between one and 26 weeks.

You can buy VACANZA travel insurance even if you don't have basic or supplementary insurance with SWICA.

Experienced doctors and medical staff from santé24 will offer you expert advice in the event of illness or accident – worldwide, around the clock. In an emergency you will receive assistance in arranging your homeward journey.

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Because we work closely together with medical specialists, hospitals and therapists, you benefit from rapid high-quality treatment.

You can choose the sum you want to insure under the VACANZA travel insurance policy. You may wish to select different amounts depending on the country you intend to visit.

Destination   Recommended sum to insure


  CHF 50'000.–
Europe   CHF 100'000.–
Asia, Australia,
North and South Amerika   
  CHF 150'000.–
Whether it's for one week or six months - with VACANZA travel insurance you decide how long your insurance cover should last. There’s no need to give notice of termination because VACANZA is not automatically extended.
SWICA is proud to once again be rated No. 1 for customer satisfaction and image in independent comparisons, including those carried out by Comparis, and AmPuls. These results motivate SWICA in our efforts to continue delivering the best customer service and quality.


How to submit a claim

Claims for expenses incurred for treatments abroad, accommodation and travel costs incurred for medical reasons, and personal assistance can be submitted as usual via mySWICA or to the nearest agency. You will find the address on the confirmation of your VACANZA insurance cover or here: SWICA offices.

Supplementary packages 1 and 2

TytoHome: Get help fast, including abroad

With TytoHome, the innovative telemedicine device, you can carry out medical exams by yourself, regardless of where you happen to be, and then share and discuss the results with santé24 healthcare experts and doctors. SWICA is the first health insurer in Europe to offer TytoHome to its customers.

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