International insurance for travel or language course abroad

Properly insured abroad

Love, a job, a university course, or maybe a sabbatical – there are plenty of reasons for spending time abroad. SWICA offers you almost as many possibilities when it comes to finding the best possible insurance cover for your stay abroad. By choosing the cover that is right for you, you can be certain that the months you spend abroad will become cherished memories.

Holiday or short stay abroad

The best possible cover for the holidays

With her trekking holiday in Spain just around the corner, Selina is excited. Has she thought of everything? She has even had a medical check-up to find out if she is fit enough for the long hike. But what if she falls ill during her trip and has to see a doctor in Spain? With SWICA, she only has health insurance cover through her mandatory basic insurance, but she has no supplementary cover for abroad. That's why, just before she goes off on holiday, Selina decides to take out VACANZA holiday and travel insurance for the travel period. VACANZA guarantees the best possible cover in the event of emergencies abroad, in addition to basic insurance cover. For example, it includes accommodation and travel costs if the return/onward journey cannot be made for medical reasons, plus medically necessary transfer and repatriation costs to Switzerland. This also covers transport for the return journey of a close friend or family member. You can take out VACANZA cover quickly and easily online. For as little as 12 francs.

VACANZA – travel insurance for you and your family
VACANZA holiday and travel insurance provides cover around the globe. It can be adapted to meet your needs and taken out online at any time.

Benefits and advantages at a glance

Many VACANZA benefits are already covered in the case of customers with COMPLETA TOP with accident cover. However, it does not cover the costs of an accompanying person in the event of repatriation, or accommodation and travel costs, if the return/onward journey cannot be made for medical reasons. For multiple stays abroad, it is also a good idea to take out OPTIMA supplementary insurance for outpatient treatment or HOSPITA PRIVATE WORLDWIDE (BestMed) for inpatient treatment. Find out more under "Regular stays abroad"

Emergency situations abroad

Wherever you decide to spend your holidays or happen to be on business, the santé24 telemedicine service is there for you around the clock.
Medical treatments and the recovery or repatriation costs you may incur are covered and arranged by SWICA. Customers can contact SWICA's emergency call centre to access these services. The services approved and provided by santé24 are covered by SWICA under the VACANZA insurance and any other policies concluded with SWICA.
The benefits to which you are entitled depend on the sum insured and insurance term you have chosen.

SWICA emergency call centre 24/7

Phone +41 44 404 86 86

Regular stays, and stays lasting several months or longer

Staying safe on your travels

Everything's going well for Lia. She has just qualified as a polygrapher and has already found a job. Now she wants to improve her English before starting her job and plans to visit England for a few months. She also wants to find out more about the benefits provided under her health insurance. She chooses the COMPLETA TOP supplementary insurance plan. With this supplementary insurance she has the best possible cover in the event of an emergency abroad, including unlimited cover for inpatient (in private hospital class for the first 3 months) and outpatient treatment and repatriation costs, plus search and rescue costs and emergency transport up to 50,000 francs. With accident cover included, she never has to worry about her health – no matter where she is in the world.


This comprehensive supplementary insurance plan offers optimum cover at home and abroad.

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The benefits available under the COMPLETA TOP plan are only covered in the event of emergencies abroad. If you often stay abroad, perhaps even have your family doctor there, or would like to be treated abroad, we recommend the following supplementary insurance plans

Would you also like to enjoy optimum cover in the event of accident? Find out more about accident cover abroad and about the INFORTUNA supplementary insurance plans (private patient cover worldwide in the event of accident). However, you can also include accident cover in the COMPLETA TOP, OPTIMA or BestMed plans.

First-class access to inpatient treatment, no matter where

For John, a dream has come true. He has been commissioned to design a prestigious building in Nigeria, his father's home country.

His father, with his Nigerian roots, suggests that John should look into insurance solutions for his one-year stay abroad and advises him to upgrade his current health insurance. As a doctor, he is well informed about medical care in Nigeria and recommends that his son check his insurance cover and upgrade it if necessary.

John calls SWICA telephone advice line for information and opts for the HOSPITA PRIVATE WORLDWIDE (BestMed) and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans. The exclusive BestMed insurance package gives him access to outstanding medical care worldwide. He particularly likes the fact that BestMed offers free choice of hospital, even abroad. With OPTIMA supplementary insurance, he is also fully covered for elective outpatient treatment abroad. It is important that he contacts santé24 in the event of an emergency as well as for elective outpatient or inpatient treatment.

Choose HOSPITA PRIVATE WORLDWIDE (BestMed) and enjoy first-class private inpatient cover worldwide.

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Worldwide private outpatient insurance for conventional medical treatment abroad.

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Covered in the event of accident at home and abroad

Adding extra cover to your statutory accident insurance

Jonas and Thomas are passionate about travelling and want to explore many more places in the world together. But when Thomas broke his collarbone during their last holiday in Australia and had to have surgery there, they were aghast to discover that his mandatory accident insurance didn't cover all the costs because it doesn't offer unlimited cover abroad.

Back in Switzerland, Jonas wastes no time in contacting SWICA for advice. The SWICA employee he speaks to explains that the cost of treatment in some countries can be significantly higher than in Switzerland and can easily exceed the cover provided by statutory accident insurance. The SWICA employee therefore advises him to take out worldwide private patient cover under the INFORTUNA plan. In the event of an accident in Switzerland or abroad, it offers him comprehensive supplementary cover above and beyond what mandatory accident insurance provides and covers the costs.

Make sure that you have comprehensive private insurance cover for accidents at home and abroad.

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INFORTUNA covers accident-related costs abroad. Would you also like to have optimum cover in the event of illness-related emergencies or for treatment abroad? Find out more about the COMPLETA TOP, OPTIMA, VACANZA and HOSPITA PRIVATE WORLDWIDE (BestMed)  supplementary insurance plans.


SWICA is there for you

The SWICA team would be happy to assist you online or by phone, 24 hours a day, if you have questions about benefits or require personal advice. Call on 0800 80 90 80 or complete the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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What our customers have to say.

André Eiermann
«I landed, together with my wife and daughter, in Tokyo. My plan was to spend five months in Japan preparing for the World Barista Championship. Just a week after we arrived we were delighted to discover that my wife was pregnant. Thanks to fantastic support from SWICA, all of the doctor's appointments in Japan – so far away from home – went smoothly. And all the associated costs were also covered. This meant that my wife was able to enjoy her pregnancy and I was free to concentrate fully on preparing for the championships. Incidentally, thanks to my intensive preparations I came 10th in the world championships. Since then I have travelled all over the world for coffee.

Recently SWICA was able to help me again. I needed some documents for my Russian trip and SWICA sent all of them to me overnight. One phone call was all I had to make. Thanks to SWICA’s speedy support I was obtained my Russian visa in good time and was able to make my presentation in Moscow as planned.»
Ali Tuygu
«It was at Christmas. We were abroad and had forgotten to take our little daughter’s medication with us. Thanks to sante24 we were able to pick up the medication at the nearest pharmacy. You can always rely on SWICA and sante24!»
Edith Bino
«I had an unpleasant experience abroad when my insulin pump suddenly packed in. The foreign bureaucracy meant that it was far from easy to get hold of two different kinds of insulin and pens. So I eventually ended up in the emergency ward of a large hospital, where I quickly realised just how spoiled we Swiss are. The silver lining appeared after I came back home and sent the bills to SWICA. There were simply no questions or quibbles. The costs were reimbursed to my account after just ten days!

I can't thank SWICA enough for what they did. If you suffer from a chronic illness, you can count yourself lucky to have an efficient and understanding health insurer. Thank you very much.»
Nick Schoberth
«I’m never really ill, but during my summer holidays the SWICA helpline provided me with rapid straightforward help, even though I was abroad at the time and in a different time zone.»
Raffaele Genna
«I really value the great assistance and support. After a skiing accident in Austria I didn't know what kind of accident insurance cover I had. A call to SWICA later on in the evening provided the information I needed and meant that I was extremely well looked after.»