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Have you just celebrated your 18th birthday, or are you turning 18 in the next few months? That means big changes for us as well, because for the purposes of health insurance, you stop being a «child» and become a «young adult» on the 1 January following your 18th birthday. This transition to a new rate is stipulated by law, and applies no matter which Swiss health insurer you are with. Read on to find out what you need to bear in mind, why your premiums are going up, and what advantages SWICA has to offer you.

What you now need to bear in mind

We want to be your guides to the world of health insurance, because the only way that we can work together as equals is if you feel well-informed and secure. You should start thinking about the six points below. Look at them with your parents as well. Before you get started, we should say that on this page you will probably come across some terms that you have never heard before. To help us understand each other, SWICA has compiled a glossary to shed some light on the jargon and explain how things work.

Before reaching adulthood you are usually covered by a "family policy" together with at least one of your parents. When you become an adult, you are eligible to take out your first individual policy. SWICA recommends that you do this so that you start to deal with with your health insurance arrangements and become more and more familiar with them. You can also wait a bit more if you'd like, and ask us to separate the policies at a later date.

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If you work at least eight hours per week for the same employer (in vocational training or a job), then you are insured against accidents through your employer. If this is not the case, you must take out accident insurance with your health insurer. Accident insurance is integrated directly into your basic insurance. You can include or exclude accident cover at any time if your employment situation changes.
The higher the excess, the more affordable your premium will be. If you are healthy and rarely need to visit a doctor, we recommend choosing the highest possible excess (CHF 2'500). Otherwise, the lowest is probably your best choice (CHF 300). Our money-saving tips provide more information and tips relating to the excess. You can also adjust your excess as your situation changes. This is quick and easy to do, online, at the start of each new calendar year.

SWICA tries to keep the amount of paperwork that you need to do to a minimum. But there are some cases where you need to get the ball rolling. Think about who will pay the invoices, how they should be paid, and which account you would like to specify for amounts to be credited. If your parents agree to keep paying the invoices, you can use their payment profile for your policy with just a single click.

If you are going to start paying for your health insurance yourself, you have a choice between three options:

  • SWICA debits outstanding amounts directly from an account of your choice (standing order/direct debit)
  • SWICA sends you the invoices directly in your e-banking app (e-billing)
  • SWICA sends you the invoices by post

You can easily change how you pay or update your personal details (such as your home address) online at a later date.

Please note: You don't need to think about this point if you want to stay on your family policy for the time being.
Your situation now isn't the same as it was a few years ago, and SWICA would also like this to be reflected in your insurance cover. You don't need your dental brace any more, and your priorities are different now. Take a look with your parents at how you have been insured with SWICA until now. This may raise some questions, such as: What is even covered? Do I still need that? Is there anything missing? We will be happy to help you and your parents answer these questions, and provide any other advice you may need.

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You can now set up your own SWICA account if you don't have one already. These login details allow you to use all three SWICA apps for free. Scroll down to see what the apps are capable of and what they can be used for. You must have a SWICA account and use the mySWICA app if you want your communication to be completely paper-free.

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Any questions?
You might find the answer you're looking for elsewhere on this website, or at least in the frequently asked questions. In any case, please feel free to get in touch at any time. We're happy to help.

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Sudden increase in costs

Your health insurance becomes more expensive on 1 January following your 18th birthday. The premiums go up because you enter a different age bracket (from «child« to «young adult»). The Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG) stipulates financial relief for families with children below the age of majority. That is why health insurers are able to offer discounts on their premiums for children and young people. These discounts no longer apply when they reach adulthood. We cannot say how much more expensive the premiums will become until October, which is when we know what the premiums for the new year will be. Essentially, though, you can expect your premium to more than double. Of course, this depends to a large extent on the insurance products you choose, your chosen excess, and also where you live.

Save money with these tips

Perhaps you will already start paying your premiums yourself next year. In the following, SWICA has put together the best tips for saving money in order to make it stretch further. Even if you are still getting financial support from your parents, we want to show you (and your parents) the best ways to save money.

SWICA offers a range of different basic insurance plans at different price points. They all offer equally good cover. The differences between them relate to whether you want a free choice of doctor, for example, or whether you call SWICA for advice before seeking medical help. You can find a list of the different basic insurance plans and their prices here:

SWICA's basic insurance plans
Choosing the highest possible excess (CHF 2'500) reduces your monthly premiums by about CHF 100. Provided you are fit and healthy, this is a good way to keep your fixed outgoings low. A good rule of thumb is that a low excess (CHF 300) is only worth it if you are spending CHF 1'500 or more each year on healthcare. Don't forget: A high excess means that you will have to pay more towards your healthcare costs if something happens.
A healthy lifestyle can have a positive influence on your premiums. The BENEVITA app presents you with fun challenges every day in the categories of exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. Completing the challenges not only benefits your health, but also gives you substantial discounts on COMPLETA TOP and/or HOSPITA insurance.

If your parents take part in the bonus programme then you will have benefited from their discount until now. Irrespective of what policies have been taken out and by whom, as an adult you need your own account to keep receiving a discount on your premiums and other benefits. Download the BENEVITA app onto your smartphone, and register using your SWICA account by 31 August of the calendar year in which you turn 18. Don't have a SWICA account yet? Then you should register right now.

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People on low incomes may be entitled to discounted premiums under the Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG). This is often the case for "young adults", as schoolchildren, students and trainees often have to get by on very low salaries or no income at all. Depending on how much you earn, the calculation of your entitlement to discounted premiums may take your parents' economic situation into account. The cantons each have their own procedures for applying for discounted premiums.

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SWICA insures 31'100 companies and organisations. That's good for us, and it might be good for you too. If you are already in training or employment, you can check whether your employer has taken out insurance or concluded a medical expenses insurance contract with SWICA. If they have, you benefit from substantial discounts on your premiums and other advantages. Get in touch with us, and we will tell you whether your employer is insured with us or has a partnership with SWICA.

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A paper-free insurance provider

SWICA provides three free apps to simplify your insurance affairs. We communicate with you paper-free as soon as you have a SWICA account.


In the mySWICA app, you will find all of your important documents such as premium and benefit statements, or your current policy. You can use the app to conveniently scan invoices, submit them online, and see what you are owed within a short space of time. Updating your personal details is also easy at any time using the app.



The BENEVITA app uses fun challenges to motivate you to exercise regularly, relax more and eat healthily. The points you earn benefit you twice over, because you live a healthier lifestyle and also profit from great offers as well as discounts on the premiums for certain supplementary insurance plans.



The BENECURA app gives you access to a range of services, including the SymptomCheck, which was developed by doctors to provide personalised recommendations, and the Health Dossier for the secure storage of your documents. The app also offers the PreventionCheck for concrete check-up recommendations and the "Ready for doctor" feature to help you prepare independently for appointments.



The world of health insurance has its own language. We want to help you get familiar with it so that you can feel completely confident when talking about health insurance. Swipe your way through the different terms and you'll soon achieve fluency.

Frequently asked questions

Still not fully in the picture? Or do you have a specific issue? Follow the link below to find SWICA's answers to the questions most commonly asked by young adults – and perhaps yours as well.

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