Claim and invoice

Whether it's a matter of submitting a medical bill, understanding your premium statement or working out what your benefit statement means – here you can find useful tips and information about your insurance documents.

Submit using the mySWICA customer portal

With mySWICA, you can quickly and securely submit your digital doctor's bills and other billing-related documentation directly to SWICA. It is even easier with the mySWICA app; simply photograph the invoice and send it.
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Download and try it out

The mobile app is free of charge and available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Submit by post

Once you have checked and paid your invoice, you can also send it to us by post. You will find the address of your SWICA agency in the header of your premium statements, benefit -statements, or online under Locations. Simply enter your postcode or town in the search field. You can also use pre-printed SWICA address labels, which you can order free of charge from Customer Service on 0800 80 90 80.

Premium and benefit statements explained

The following illustrations show the information that is available in your premium and benefit statements.
Note: It can happen that bills submitted at the same time have to be processed separately. In this case, you do not need to do anything. You will automatically receive outstanding settlements in the next few days.