Health legal protection insurance – all the support you need when faced with legal issues.

Those affected by medical malpractice must ask themselves if retaining a lawyer or going to court is worth the trouble, because the high costs and uncertainty of success often get in the way of asserting one’s rights. By taking out health legal protection insurance you can put such worries aside because it gives you the certainty and financial support you need.

Comprehensive advice

Health legal protection insurance offers comprehensive support in connection with legal problems, questions anddisputes relating to health impairments. In particular it covers:

  • Legal cases involving the parties that caused an accident
  • Disagreements with medical service providers
  • Support in connection with claims by an opposing liability insurer
  • Legal cases involving other insurance companies

Overview of benefits

Health legal protection cover includes the following in connection with legal cases arising from impaired health:

  • Protection of your legal interests
  • Compensation of max. CHF 300'000 (CHF 150'000 outside of Europe) per case
  • Cover of the cost of mandated lawyers
  • Cover of the cost of opinions obtained by mandate
  • Cover of the procedural costs and court fees the insured person must pay
  • Cover of the amount in compensation owed to the counterparty

Premium calculator and online purchase for supplementary insurance

It’s never been easier to change your insurer. Once the premium calculator has suggested an insurance solution, you can add the health legal protection insurance manually. To do this, please click on the pencil symbol in the supplementary insurance area on the right-hand side. You can then add the supplementary insurance at the bottom of the page by clicking on the grey slider.

Reporting a legal protection case

Call 0800 80 90 80 or use the contact form to report your case to Customer Service. A legal adviser will then contact you to discuss how to proceed.

Contact form for reporting a legal case

Personal consultation

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