Flexible and effective – supplementary insurance from SWICA

Alternative medicine, fitness, vaccinations, teeth, glasses and much more: With supplementary insurance from SWICA you can extend your cover to suit your needs and receive attractive contributions towards health promotion and preventive healthcare.

Attractive contributions towards fitness and prevention

SWICA supports your commitment to a healthy lifestyle by making attractive contributions – up to CHF 800 a year (go to detailed information) – towards the cost of activities relating to exercise, nutrition and relaxation (e.g. fitness centre, nutritional advice, yoga, dancing, and active sports association memberships). Thanks to the BENEVITA bonus programme, those with an active lifestyle can benefit additionally from valuable premium discounts.


Combination of conventional medicine and complementary medicine

SWICA believes that conventional medicine and complementary medicine can be combined to good effect. Anything that benefits your health is positive. That's why SWICA supports alternative therapy methods and puts them on an equal footing with conventional medicine.


Vision aids, preventive healthcare and dental treatment

With individual supplementary insurance plans you can fill any gaps you may have in your mandatory basic cover. You enjoy full financial protection and receive generous contributions towards glasses, contact lenses, check-ups, dental treatment, orthodontic work, etc.


Enjoy accident cover worldwide as a private patient

INFORTUNA medical expenses – worldwide insurance for private patients – offers you comprehensive accident cover above and beyond what's provided under statutory accident insurance.

Accident insurance

Maternity and offspring

SWICA offers you customised plans with attractive premium discounts so that your children will have the right kind of cover for a worry-free childhood. You receive valuable supplementary contributions towards dental treatment, orthodontic work, or the Home Nanny service, for example. INFORTUNA endowment insurance protects your child against the financial consequences of disability from an accident.

Maternity-related offerings

Use the SWICA premium calculator to put together your personal insurance solution - it couldn't be easier.

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What our customers have to say.

Jenny Hitz
«SWICA’s staff are always friendly and available. Really great, friendly customer help line and service :)»
Urs Dübendorfer
«The whole family has been impressed with the professional and expert advice we get from SWICA. SWICA are there to advise and support us. This is a health insurer you can rely on. You can really feel that they care about the health of their customers.»
Ivo Lacic
«I was really taken by the SWICA customer advisor’s pleasant and friendly manner. She explained all the products to me, didn’t push me to choose anything and was happy to respond to my ideas. The information and benefits for healthier living are outstanding. The apps are simple and uncomplicated. Exactly what I need for my family.»
Jürg Suhner
«Even though I'm retired now, I still look after people in need and come into conversation with them. You would hardly believe the stories I hear about health insurers. About incorrect information, or promises which then can't be kept. It is people seeking advice who often end up short-changed – people who don't have the confidence, or sometimes the ability, to stand up for themselves.
With SWICA I've always received really competent advice – whether it was just a brief phone message, or if a doctor was also consulted – no fuss, no quibbles. But what really touches me is that, whether I'm phoning or asking in person at an agency counter, with SWICA you are taken seriously as a INDIVIDUAL.

I wish that all INDIVIDUALS could enjoy the valuable services that SWICA provides.»
Theresa Blüder
«I came to Switzerland from Germany in 2017 to join my boyfriend. I signed up with SWICA thanks to positive recommendations. I had the feeling right from the start that SWICA was the right insurer for me. I was offered exactly what I wanted and at a fair price!»
Ralph Isler
«I had a heart attack when I was in the Philippines and had to be admitted to hospital as an emergency. Despite difficult communications channels and the different time zones, SWICA and Medicall gave me comprehensive professional support. A Swiss doctor gave me advice by phone and SWICA issued the cover note. SWICA was also there for me on the flight back home.»
Ursina Gabathuler
«I’ve been insured with SWICA for as long as I can remember. Fortunately I’ve always enjoyed good health, and I intend to ensure that it stays that way. Thanks to the Completa Praeventa contribution towards my gym membership and my annual membership at the pool, I am more motivated to do something to stay in good physical health.»
Fabienne Grass
«I really love the invoice app. It’s so easy to use. And so quick.»
Daniel Henke
«For our family, only the best is good enough. Thanks to SWICA, we were able to enjoy the first hours and days together in a family room after our daughter was born. It’s wonderful and reassuring to know that, if anything happens, we as a young family are in good hands with SWICA.»