mySWICA customer portal

mySWICA customer portal

The mySWICAcustomer portal brings all the important information about your health insurance together in one place and is available both as a smartphone app and via your computer. It is available 24/7, enabling you to access your latest benefit/premium statements, submit invoices, view the balance on your excess, or contact SWICA customer services.

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The mobile app is free of charge and available for both iPhone and Android devices.

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The customer portal provides an overview of all relevant insurance data – not just for yourself, but for your whole family. This means that you no longer need to store this information physically. Since the display of product data and benefits is individually tailored to your cover, you always know what is covered by your basic and supplementary insurance policies.
With the mySWICA app, you can photograph and submit your invoices directly or upload them to the mySWICA portal using the drag & drop function.
If you want to contact us, you can do so directly from the customer portal. Simply click on the integrated messaging function and your request will be sent to the right person.
You can find all the relevant documents, updated daily, in your digital mailbox. You will be informed by push message or email whenever new documents or messages arrive on the portal.
Whether you're at home or on the road, the customer portal offers both a desktop version and a free app so that you can access your personal data and documents anytime and anywhere.

What our customers have to say

Vincent Faysse
«Digital insurance! I very much appreciate the services provided by the website and the mobile app: easy document transfer, a complete picture of your coverage, a wide range of information, etc.
It’s a real time-saver!»
Andrea Stutz
«When I call SWICA, I always have friendly, helpful advisers on the other end of the line. So far, they've always been able to answer my questions and I've been happy with the outcome.
I also appreciate the app-based services which help me avoid tiresome paperwork.»
Caroline Künzle
«I'm thrilled with SWICA's easy invoice processing and with santé24, which is available 24 hours a day to answer questions and is always patient and very friendly! Thank you for allowing me be one of your customers. I'm very grateful!»
Jean-Claude Manghardt
«Attentive staff who respond to questions quickly and precisely, helpful advice (particularly in the magazine), a useful application featuring, for example, a simple procedure for submitting invoices and settling them promptly – these are just some of the reasons why I have been putting my trust in SWICA for more than 50 years without fail.»
Marcel Sowa
«Whether it’s processing doctors’ bills or getting help in choosing a doctor, we always have a helpful and professional point of contact. Actually, we hope that we will never need SWICA, but in the final analysis it’s good to know that we can rely on it.»
Loris Hausammann
«I do a lot of sport in my spare time, so it’s important to me to have an insurance partner which supports me financially on that front. The range of services provided by SWICA is transparent and easy to understand, which suits me very well. I also like SWICA’s friendly professional staff and the easy-to-use invoice app.»
Fabienne Grass
«I really love the invoice app. It’s so easy to use. And so quick.»
Aike Festini
«I do a CrossFit workout three or four times a week, enjoy swimming and love relaxing at spas. With my active lifestyle, SWICA is the ideal choice for me because it has something to offer in all these areas. I also like the straightforward digital information exchange.»
Ivo Lacic
«I was really taken by the SWICA customer advisor’s pleasant and friendly manner. She explained all the products to me, didn’t push me to choose anything and was happy to respond to my ideas. The information and benefits for healthier living are outstanding. The apps are simple and uncomplicated. Exactly what I need for my family.»