Travel insurance for emergencies abroad

Making sure your dream trip doesn't turn into a nightmare

The long-awaited holidays are finally upon us – and with them the question of insurance cover for foreign travel. An emergency can quickly turn a dream holiday into a nightmare. With the wide range of insurance solutions from SWICA, you are on the safe side. Find out more about how SWICA helps you on your travels.

Lea was able to rely on SWICA

It's almost time. Naomi and Lea are counting the days until their holiday in Croatia. It will be Lea's first trip away with a friend since her son was born three years ago. So it's no wonder that the young mother has been looking forward for weeks to spending time with her friend on the beach and especially to the two-day sailing trip.

Outstanding cover abroad with COMPLETA TOP

One week before the departure date, Naomi reads an article about a Swiss man who had an accident on holiday. As he had no travel insurance cover, he is now responsible for paying the horrendous foreign hospital and rescue costs himself. Luckily, Naomi enjoys comprehensive cover with SWICA's COMPLETA TOP supplementary insurance plan for treatment and medically necessary repatriation in the event of emergencies abroad.

Whether it's emergency treatment abroad or repatriation costs – with this supplementary insurance plan you are comprehensively covered.

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Cover is available at short notice and on a weekly basis around the globe

Her friend Lea only has basic insurance cover. That's why Naomi advises her to take out VACANZA travel insurance from SWICA before she goes on holiday. VACANZA cover is available quickly and easily online on a weekly basis. It provides optimum insurance cover, above and beyond that provided by basic insurance, in the event of emergencies abroad – and for as little as 12 francs. Perfect for Lea's holiday by the sea.

VACANZA – travel insurance for you and your family
With VACANZA travel insurance, both the term and the sum insured can be adjusted individually. This global insurance cover can be extended online at any time.

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No matter where you are – SWICA is always there for you

Once the two friends arrive in Croatia, they set sail together with their skipper. When dolphins suddenly appear alongside the boat, Lea dashes to the bow with her camera. In the excitement she slips and hurts her right knee. The pain is unusually severe and persistent. She suspects that she has injured her knee badly, so she decides to go to the nearby hospital.

Fortunately, she has her SWICA health insurance card with her. On it she finds the global 24-hour phone number for the santé24 telemedicine service. Since she knows nothing about medical care in Croatia, she calls santé24 immediately and receives competent advice.


For questions relating to accident and illness, the santé24 telemedicine service is available online and by phone worldwide.

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Emergency situations abroad

It doesn’t matter where you decide to spend your holidays or happen to be on business. As a SWICA customer, you have access to the santé24 telemedicine service 24 hours a day.

Medical treatment, rescue and repatriation costs to Switzerland are covered by VACANZA travel insurance and any other insurance policies taken out with SWICA and are organised for you. You can access these services through SWICA’s emergency call centre.

The benefits to which you are entitled depend on the sum insured and insurance term you have chosen.

santé24 – your 24-hour telemedicine service

Phone +41 44 404 86 86

Personal support in medical emergencies abroad – worldwide, around the clock

As further clarification with the local doctors is necessary, Lea is put through to SWICA's emergency call centre. The emergency call centre clarifies the medical situation and the local treatment options with the doctors. Due to the severity of the injury the call centre recommends that she return to Switzerland for treatment at a special clinic.

Personal support in medical emergencies abroad – worldwide, around the clock

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SWICA is there for you

The SWICA team would be happy to assist you online or by phone, 24 hours a day, if you have questions about benefits or require personal advice. Call on 0800 80 90 80 or complete the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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What our customers have to say.

Kristina Crnogaj
«We were on holiday in Dubai. I began to feel ill during the very first night. I had heart problems, so we had to go to the hospital. sante24 was a great help to us during this time, because we didn’t understand everything in English. Thanks to sante24 I felt safe and cared for abroad.»
Max Gugger
«SWICA gave me all-round support when I had an accident abroad. It was a great relief»
Nick Schoberth
«I’m never really ill, but during my summer holidays the SWICA helpline provided me with rapid straightforward help, even though I was abroad at the time and in a different time zone.»
Raffaele Genna
«I really value the great assistance and support. After a skiing accident in Austria I didn't know what kind of accident insurance cover I had. A call to SWICA later on in the evening provided the information I needed and meant that I was extremely well looked after.»
Ralph Isler
«I had a heart attack when I was in the Philippines and had to be admitted to hospital as an emergency. Despite difficult communications channels and the different time zones, SWICA and Medicall gave me comprehensive professional support. A Swiss doctor gave me advice by phone and SWICA issued the cover note. SWICA was also there for me on the flight back home.»