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Which is the right health insurance for me?

Find the insurance that's right for you in terms of the circumstances or benefits covered and learn more about the many advantages that SWICA offers.

Insurance configurator

Find the insurance package that suits your needs in just a few clicks. The premium configurator automatically suggests the most suitable package for your needs and recommends the lowest-cost basic insurance model. You can then change and adapt the selection as you wish.

Basic insurance

Mandatory health insurance covers your basic needs in cases of illness, accident or maternity. SWICA's seven alternative FAVORIT insurance models give you outstanding value for money and can save you hundreds of francs a year.

  • CASA: your family doctor as the first point of contact
  • MEDICA: free choice from the list of doctors
  • MEDPHARM: SWICA partner pharmacies or santé24 for an initial assessment
  • BESTCARE: santé24 or a SWICA partner practice as the first point of contact
  • MULTICHOICE: BENECURA app, santé24 or SWICA partner pharmacy for first contact
  • SANTE: SWICA partner practices as the first point of contact
  • TELMED: santé24 telemedicine service for an initial assessment
  • STANDARD: free choice of doctor

Protection and comfort in hospital

Opt for more freedom in your choice of hospital and the medical team treating you, for more comfort and preferential access to outstanding medical care.

Complementary medicine

SWICA believes that conventional medicine and complementary medicine can be combined to good effect. Anything that benefits your health is a good thing. That's why SWICA supports complementary therapy methods and puts them on an equal footing with conventional medicine.

*with SWICA-recognised therapists and therapeutic methods

Fitness and health promotion

SWICA supports your commitment to a healthy lifestyle by making attractive contributions towards the cost of activities relating to exercise, nutrition and relaxation (e.g. fitness centre, nutritional advice, yoga, dancing, and active membership of many sports associations).

Glasses and contact lenses

Combine COMPLETA TOP or COMPLETA FORTE supplementary insurance with a suitable supplementary insurance plan to benefit from generous contributions towards glasses and contact lenses.

Pregnancy and maternity

For parents, the birth of a child marks the beginning of a new phase in life in which security and responsibility take on a new meaning. For this reason, SWICA's primary focus is on your family and its specific needs. When it comes to birth preparation, support and aftercare, the COMPLETA TOP, COMPLETA FORTE, COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans offer comprehensive further benefits:

  • COMPLETA TOP/COMPLETA FORTE: CHF 200 breastfeeding allowance per child
  • COMPLETA PRAEVENTA: pregnancy and postnatal exercise, baby massage courses etc.: 50% (up to CHF 500) per year, under health promotion
  • COMPLETA FORTE: pregnancy and postnatal exercise, baby massage courses etc.: 90% (up to CHF 500) per year, under health promotion
  • OPTIMA: additional, conventional medical treatment from non-contractual doctors and from midwives, and up to CHF 300 per year for activities such as pregnancy and postnatal exercise as well as baby massage courses under health promotion

Dental insurance

Your teeth can cause a lot of pain – also financially. The right SWICA supplementary insurance plan will help keep your teeth and your budget healthy.

  • COMPLETA TOP/COMPLETA FORTE: up to CHF 100 per year for dental treatment and dental hygiene and, up to the age of 25 years, up to CHF 10,000 for orthodontic treatment
  • DENTA 1 to 4: up to CHF 2,000 per year for dental treatment and dental hygiene and, up to the age of 25 years, up to CHF 4,000 for orthodontic treatment


The INFORTUNA medical expenses supplementary insurance plan gives you worldwide cover as a private patient in the event of an accident. It provides you with comprehensive cover as a supplement to your statutory basic and accident insurance.

  • INFORTUNA: full coverage of costs as a private patient in the event of an accident

Cross-border commuters

SWICA's insurance solution for cross-border commuters provides reliable cover in Switzerland and your country of residence. You can get a quote quickly and easily with the cross-border commuter online premium calculator.

Going abroad

Holidays, a language course or something else – there are plenty of reasons for spending a short, longer or regular stay abroad. SWICA offers you almost as many possibilities when it comes to finding the optimum cover for your stay abroad.

  • VACANZA: travel insurance with individual period of cover from as little as CHF 12
  • COMPLETA TOP/COMPLETA FORTE: full cover for outpatient and inpatient emergency treatment abroad
  • COMPLETA TOP/COMPLETA FORTE + OPTIMA: vfull cover for conventional outpatient treatment at the private rate abroad
  • BESTMED: supplementary hospitalisation insurance for inpatient treatment in a private ward
  • INFORTUNA: full cover worldwide in a private ward in the event of an accident

Moving abroad

Are you planning to move abroad permanently and don’t want to do without reliable insurance cover from SWICA? With its GLOBAL CARE plan, SWICA offers you optimum health and accident cover designed for this specific need.

  • GLOBAL CARE: worldwide cover in cases of illness, accident and maternity

Endowment insurance

Endowment insurance offers protection against the setbacks that life sometimes throws at us. Protect yourself and your family against the financial consequences of death or disability resulting from an illness or accident.

Personal consultation

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