Good health in old age

A completely new phase of life begins for many people when they reach the age of 60. Perhaps you've already entered retirement or plan to retire soon. Or maybe you don't intend to stop working for a long time yet. Regardless of how you imagine your future life, good health is central to it.

As a reliable partner, SWICA supports you in your health-promoting activities with a comprehensive range of services. In the event of illness or accident, SWICA's attractive basic and supplementary insurance plans provide financial protection and valuable benefits. You can take out a supplementary insurance plan up to the age of 69. As the health insurance company with the highest customer satisfaction scores, SWICA is at your side 24 hours a day in every life situation. Comparis, and amPuls once again awarded SWICA first place for customer satisfaction compared to other Swiss health insurers in 2023.

Generous annual contributions for health promotion

Tina has always enjoyed exercise. At 61 years of age she is fit – and she wants to stay that way. That's why she regularly goes to the gym and attends yoga classes with her friend. Her husband finds these activities rather tedious, but the two of them have been playing tennis together for years. They have also been talking for ages about refreshing their dance skills and have now signed up for a dance course. As a reliable partner in the field of health promotion, SWICA supports them by providing generous benefits under the COMPLETA FORTE, COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans. They receive up to 1'300 francs (find out more) per year towards activities relating to exercise, nutrition and wellbeing.

A varied offering for your health
Yoga, dance, swimming, aquafit, sauna, weight-training at the gym, cross-country skiing, tennis, golf and much more – SWICA supports your health-promoting activities. Discover the full range of offers

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SWICA also contributes towards the costs of Pro Senectute offers relating to sport and exercise.
You can check these out on Pro Senectute's website.

There is also a wide variety of region-specific offers, including Storytelling Café and Hopp-La. Find out more at Pro Senectute in your region. You won't regret.

BENEVITA – the digital health coach with bonus programme

Yvonne has always had an active lifestyle. Unlike in the past, her efforts are now supported by numerous digital helpers. She has constant access to step-counters, hiking apps and travel podcasts. She has recently discovered the BENEVITA app. This digital health coach from SWICA provides interesting content on a range of health topics. Through the bonus programme Yvonne collects points for completing everyday challenges. These points entitle her to a premium discount of up to 15% on selected supplementary insurance plans (see detailed information about discounts).

SWICA supports you with interesting health-related content and provides attractive offers and premium discounts as a reward for your active lifestyle.

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I've been more than satisfied for many years. Last year the BENEVITA health platform helped me a lot. I took myself in hand and lost 20 kilos, and I’ve been able to keep the weight off ever since. Now all I have to do is stay as healthy as I am now and live till I’m at least a hundred. Patricia Atz-Breslaw

Valuable preventive healthcare offers

Frederick has trouble sleeping. He knows that the amount of sleep we need changes as we get older. However, he doesn't want to simply accept the fact that he spends much of the night wide awake and is tired and bleary-eyed in the morning. He takes a sleep test on the SWICA website. The results confirm what he thinks and he calls the santé24 telemedicine service. The health advisor tells him about the mementor somnium online sleep program which helps people to fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly. The online registration process is easy and Frederick decides to try the programme out free of charge.

Do you have trouble sleeping? Take a sleep test now

Since he's already talking to santé24, Frederick takes the opportunity to find out more about check-ups. The health advisor asks him about his family history and gives him advice about check-ups that may be useful for him. She also recommends the BENECURA app from SWICA. BENECURA offers evidence-based check-up advice and highlights the check-ups that are recommended under current guidelines.

Preventive measures and precautions
SWICA contributes up to 1'300 francs (find out more) per year under the COMPLETA FORTE, COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans towards a range of preventive measures. These include check-ups, diabetes prevention, fall prevention, vaccinations, sleep programmes and smoking cessation courses.

All offers for preventive healthcare

Comprehensive support in the event of illness, both digitally and in person

Jonas's lower back pain has come back. He downloads the BENECURA app from SWICA and enters his symptoms in SymptomCheck. The app prompts him to call the santé24 telemedicine service. In a consultation with a santé24 doctor, Jonas explains that he has had positive experiences with alternative treatment methods throughout his life and, if possible, would like to have his back treated using complementary medicine. Under the COMPLETA TOP and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans, SWICA contributes towards the cost, provided that Jonas is treated by a SWICA-recognised therapist. SWICA believes in combining conventional medicine and complementary medicine – because whatever promotes good health is good. Jonas identifies the right therapist in the course of his santé24 consultation and through the SWICA therapist directory. He can book an appointment with a therapist online, straight from the directory.

Save money with alternative basic insurance models
SWICA has an extensive network of specialists who do their best to help its customers make a full recovery. The modern santémed Health Centres and SWICA partner practices offer medical care that focuses on quality and achieving results.

Under an alternative FAVORIT insurance model you choose your first point of contact for health problems – a SWICA partner practice, santé24 or a pharmacy – and enjoy attractive premium discounts.

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Symptom check app:

Telemedicine service:

Find therapists online:
SWICA therapist directory

Personal support for hospital stays

Protruding carpet edges and slippery rugs are two of the main causes of accidents in the home. That's what happened to Lina. She is late for work and halfway out the door when she notices she has forgotten her car key. She hurries back into the house and trips over the edge of the hallway carpet. She puts out her hands to break her fall and, as she finds out later in hospital, breaks her wrist. She has a compound fracture which requires surgery.

Lina's husband Matthias visits her in hospital shortly after the operation. She is surprised that he has brought along a letter from SWICA. Lina has INFORTUNA accident insurance from SWICA with worldwide private cover. In the letter, SWICA confirms that it will cover the medical expenses associated with the operation and offers to help Lina to organise the remainder of her hospital stay and her recuperation at home. The letter also contains Sabrina Abderhalden's contact details. She is Lina's personal contact person at SWICA and is familiar with her case. Lina gets in touch with Sabrina and together they agree that SWICA should provide Lina with a Home Attendant who will help out in the household in the days immediately after the accident. This is a massive relief for both Matthias and Lina because Matthias is very busy at work. As Matthias is unable to pick his wife up from hospital on the day she is discharged, SWICA organises a taxi for Lina.

Hospitalisation insurance

HOSPITA: valuable supplementary insurance, from semi-private to private, worldwide

Hospitalisation insurance at a glance

Accident insurance

INFORTUNA: Enjoy accident cover as a private patient – worldwide.

The benefits at a glance

Lina's broken wrist isn't healing as quickly as she would like. When Sabrina contacts her two weeks after the operation, Lina tells her about her concerns. Sabrina encourages her to call the santé24 telemedicine service. Lina discusses her therapy with the doctor at santé24 and is reassured that she is on the right track.

Impressed by the all-round care that Lina has received from SWICA during and after her hospital stay, Matthias decides to upgrade his hospital insurance cover from general to semi-private. With SWICA you can do this up to the age of 69.

Lina and Matthias also decide to make living wills. They are aware now of how quickly something can go wrong. With a living will, they are certain that their wishes regarding medical treatment will be respected if they become unable to express themselves. In order to reduce the risk of suffering a fall at home, Lina also decides to take a closer look at the services offered by the Swiss Rheumatism Association – and recommended by SWICA – in relation to fall prevention.

Care management – personal support in the event of illness or accident

Martin, an old school friend of Lina's, has also had a fall. Martin is a self-employed joiner and not remotely interested in retirement. On the one hand, he wants to keep on working in his own business. On the other, his youngest daughter is still in full-time education and requires financial support. So it's important for him to remain healthy and active for years to come. He looks after his health and has been insured with SWICA for a long time now. He knows that in SWICA he has a reliable health partner who will give him the support he needs over the coming years. He benefits from this when he falls from a ladder at the age of 63 and breaks a number of bones. Fortunately, the medical prognosis is positive, even though Martin will have to undergo a long period of rehabilitation. In order to ensure the best possible treatment and a rapid recovery, he immediately alerts SWICA Care Management. The Care Manager shows great understanding for Martin's situation and immediately contacts his doctors, his daily sickness benefit insurer and a suitable rehabilitation clinic. Together, all those involved discuss the optimum treatment and plan Martin's return to working life. After completing his rehabilitation, Martin gradually increases his workload and is back to normal after about a year.

Care Management
SWICA Care Managers support and care for their customers in the event of illness or accident. There are more than 85 Care Managers in Switzerland to provide you with advice and assistance.

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Medicine Directory and exclusive discounts

The Medicine Directory mymedi® shows you the available package sizes and forms of medication by means of the search function. It also shows you your savings from choosing generics and what alternative products are available on the Swiss market. The risk symbol informs you about the risk factors (e.g. drowsiness for drivers and operators of machines).

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Exclusive for SWICA customers

SWICA customers receive exclusive discounts on medication from the following online and mail-order pharmacy:

  • Zur Rose (up to 5%*)


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How your preventive healthcare contribution breaks down

SWICA covers 90% of the costs under COMPLETA FORTE supplementary insurance, up to 500 francs per calendar year (up to 300 francs per type of activity). COMPLETA PRAEVENTA covers an additional 50% of the costs up to 500 francs per year (up to 300 francs per type of activity). OPTIMA supplementary insurance covers 90% of the cost exceeding this amount, up to a maximum of 300 francs per calendar year. This means your preventive healthcare contribution can be as much as 1’300 francs per year.

Because health is everything

SWICA supports you as a holistic health partner in every situation in life – so that you stay healthy and, in the event of illness or accident, make a rapid recovery.

By the way, supplementary insurance is a valuable addition to basic insurance in any case. It can be taken out with SWICA up to the age of 69, regardless of who currently provides your basic insurance.

SWICA is there for you.

The SWICA team would be happy to assist you online or by phone, 24 hours a day, if you have questions about benefits or require personal advice. Call free of charge on +41 800 80 90 80 or complete the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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What our customers have to say.

Marie-Louise Felder
«I never had to change my health insurer. That's pretty amazing, especially when you consider that I was born in 1945...»
Urs Dübendorfer
«The whole family has been impressed with the professional and expert advice we get from SWICA. SWICA are there to advise and support us. This is a health insurer you can rely on. You can really feel that they care about the health of their customers.»
Jürg Suhner
«Even though I'm retired now, I still look after people in need and come into conversation with them. You would hardly believe the stories I hear about health insurers. About incorrect information, or promises which then can't be kept. It is people seeking advice who often end up short-changed – people who don't have the confidence, or sometimes the ability, to stand up for themselves.
With SWICA I've always received really competent advice – whether it was just a brief phone message, or if a doctor was also consulted – no fuss, no quibbles. But what really touches me is that, whether I'm phoning or asking in person at an agency counter, with SWICA you are taken seriously as a INDIVIDUAL.

I wish that all INDIVIDUALS could enjoy the valuable services that SWICA provides.»
Eliane Mäder
«The decision to remain with SWICA is based on decades of positive experience. I’m absolutely delighted with Benevita. I regularly take part in step competitions and I’m delighted if I come in the top eight. This membership has brought a positive dynamism into my life.»
Max Gugger
«SWICA gave me all-round support when I had an accident abroad. It was a great relief»
Beatrice Grolimund
«I’ve been with SWICA since 1955; before that I was with ZOKU. I’ve never regretted making the change. SWICA’s benefits are comprehensive and effective. So, if you get sick, this gives you a good feeling, which helps you get back on your feet more quickly.»