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Physical fitness, a balanced diet and relaxation are important elements in a healthy lifestyle. That's why SWICA supports your personal commitment in all areas of health with BENEVITA, the digital health coach with bonus programme.
Often there's hardly any time for relaxation, healthy nutrition and regular exercise. The new BENEVITA app provides interesting challenges which encourage you to exercise regularly, relax more often and eat a healthy diet. Answer a quiz, cook a healthy recipe or join in a morning meditation session. You win twice over: Through these activities you support your healthy lifestyle, and you enjoy attractive offers plus premium discounts on supplementary insurance plans based on the awards you collect.

Get active – you won't regret it.

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It couldn't be simpler

Participate in challenges
BENEVITA helps you to make your everyday life healthier. Take part in challenges relating to exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. The challenges are structured in such a way that they can be easily integrated into your everyday life – whether it's a quiz, a short video or a step challenge.
Collect awards
You receive awards whenever you complete a challenge successfully. The more awards you collect, the higher the level you can reach. We keep you informed about awards that will enable you to make progress.
Enjoy premium discounts or offers
The choice is yours: You can redeem the collected awards either as a premium discount* or for health promotion offers.
Offers will be activated for you based on the level you have reached.

*The BENEVITA discount is based on the level you reached individually, as shown in the app. The Conditions of Participation explain the details of the BENEVITA programme. You can reach the next level by completing the Quiz, Live, and Tracking challenges:

Starter level = 0% discount
Level 1 = 5% discount on COMPLETA TOP and 5% on HOSPITA
Level 2 = 5% discount on COMPLETA TOP and 10% on HOSPITA
Level 3 = 5% discount on COMPLETA TOP and 15% on HOSPITA

How does the BENEVITA app work exactly?

The BENEVITA health platform can only be accessed from the app. The previous desktop version is being discontinued and will be replaced by the app. The newly designed app delivers valuable information about exercise, nutrition and wellbeing in the form of challenges. You can accept a challenge by reading a passage of text and then taking a quiz, by watching a video, or by exercising (walking 1,000 steps for example). You can complete these challenges at any time and can therefore easily integrate them into your daily routine. If you successfully master a challenge, you receive an award. You can reach three different levels, depending on the number of awards you win. From 2021 onwards, the awards collected will unlock discounts on selected supplementary insurance policies depending on the level you have reached. Offers can also be redeemed in other ways. In the form of vouchers for a sports outlet, for example.

What types of challenges are there?

There are playful quiz challenges and exciting live challenges in the form of videos about exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. For walkers, joggers and other outdoor enthusiasts, there are tracking challenges in which you are asked to exercise daily and complete a predefined number of steps.


Have you always wanted to know what to look out for when you're buying hiking boots? Or why nettles and dandelions aren't just weeds? In these short text passages you will learn interesting facts about health and exercise. At the end you will face a quiz question. It's important to read the text carefully if you want to become a quiz expert, because only the right answer will unlock awards and enable you to reach the next level.
Ever taken part in a morning meditation session? If not, then it's high time you did. You can achieve this with the help of the new BENEVITA app. With live challenges you can take part in the exercises right away by video. Perhaps you don't you want to do your first yoga lesson on the train? That's understandable. Save the challenge for later and do it when it suits you.
The fact that sport has a positive impact on health and wellbeing is no secret. Say goodbye to your sofa and take part in tracking challenges. Whether you want to take 3'000 steps today or 5'000 steps every day, you decide what's right for you and when it suits you to do it.

To take part in tracking challenges, simply follow the instructions in the app and use your smartphone to connect to your Health Kit or Google Fit for your first tracking challenge. Only the number of steps taken is updated when you use the BENEVITA app.

Digital health coach with bonus programme is delivered by app

Since August 2020, the BENEVITA health coach function has been provided exclusively via the app. The BENEVITA app is intended to encourage users to engage with the topic of health in a sustained way. The bonus programme, which rewards people for leading a healthy life, is now only delivered through the various challenges in the app.

In the "Offers" section, BENEVITA customers are now able to choose until 30 April whether they want to redeem the awards won in each level as a premium discount on the COMPLETA TOP and HOSPITA supplementary insurance plans or in the form of vouchers for offers in online shops.

The BENEVITA app from SWICA is free of charge, even if you're not insured with SWICA. However, some offers and premium reductions are only available to SWICA customers.

Check out the challenges – there's sure to be something for you. Try the BENEVITA app today.

This mobile app is provided free of charge by SWICA and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

SWICA believes strongly in protecting your personal data and is committed to ensuring that you always feel secure when using BENEVITA. When you use BENEVITA, your data is always safe and secure, in accordance with Swiss data protection regulations. You can use BENEVITA on your smartphone or tablet.


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What our customers have to say.

Patricia Atz-Breslaw
«I've been more than satisfied for many years. Last year the BENEVITA health platform helped me a lot. I took myself in hand and lost 20 kilos, and I’ve been able to keep the weight off ever since. Now all I have to do is stay as healthy as I am now and live till I’m at least a hundred.»
Bernd Böhme
«The website is clear, straightforward and informative. I particularly like the BENEVITA app, which addresses interesting topics on a daily basis and really inspires me. All in all, I am a SWICA fan and try to persuade as many people as possible that, if they want to have the best possible partner for comprehensive health care at their side, they should do as I do and choose SWICA!»
Jacqueline Vera-Xiria Geiger
«The tips I received from the BENEVITA team made me aware of exactly what I had to change in my eating and exercise routines. It's true that I was taking a lot of exercise and eating appropriate foods, but the exercise I was doing turned out to be inefficient and I wasn’t eating enough protein. Now I’ve lost four kilos – my body is more toned and I’m pleased with how I look.»
Christin Hoffmeyer
«Last year I started running, changed my diet and began taking better care of myself. So I was looking for an insurer which would support me in my new health-conscious lifestyle. As soon as I came across the BENEVITA bonus programme, my decision was made.»