The silver fir: an important tree for the future

Climate change not only affects people and animals, but is also placing our forests in a precarious position, with coniferous trees such as the native spruce being hit particularly hard by the changing conditions. One tree, however, is demonstrating its robust nature: the silver fir. You can use BENEVITA community coins to help WWF plant and maintain new fir stocks in Switzerland.

Our forests are facing tough times

Our ecosystem is sensitive and is reacting to the climate crisis. That is also true for Switzerland's forests. Higher temperatures, drier periods and increasingly violent storms are all having an impact, primarily on coniferous trees such as the spruce. This tree species unfortunately faces an uncertain future, with negative consequences for our forest stocks and for protected forests in particular. But there is an alternative.

The silver fir, also native to Switzerland, is an adaptable survivor. It is less susceptible to higher temperatures and more resistant to drought, has a more solid and deeper root system and recovers faster than related types of tree. As a result, the silver fir is rightly considered to be a tree of the future and the backbone of many forest ecosystems. However, it is not protected against damage from insects, wild animals and natural events. The current BENEVITA donation project aims to address this situation.

What your community coins can achieve

On "Tannätag" (fir day), WWF and volunteers come together to support the silver fir – primarily in the mountain cantons where the tree is most at home. The nature missions involve planting young trees and installing individual protective shields to keep out hungry wildlife, and also maintaining the areas planted in the previous year. For example, the trees planted in the previous year are checked for pest infestation and their protective shields cut off to enable them to grow and flourish.

Would you like to lend a hand yourself? The next "Tannätag" will take place in Grüsch, in the canton of Graubünden, on 19 October. Visit the WWF website for further information and to find out how to register.

Why forests are important

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Man and his environment in perfect harmony - an intact natural world has a direct, positive influence on our wellbeing. That's why SWICA, as a healthcare organisation, supports WWF's environmental work. Read more about our partnership on our website.

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