Focusing on people and their health

Sustainability is a key element of SWICA's corporate strategy. This is because our changing climate is negatively impacting people, the environment, and our healthcare system. As a company that is aware of its responsibilities, we want to do our bit because our focus is on people and their health.

Our company is managed in a way that is sustainable and financially stable

We set ourselves ambitious targets with the aim of always offering an extraordinarily high-quality service and exceeding our customers' expectations. Our success in this regard is built on having satisfied employees, whom we support, encourage and help to develop. Our goal is to help make our healthcare system successful and, above all, sustainable.

By promoting a healthy lifestyle and playing an active role in preventing diseases, we help our customers stay healthy for as long as possible. In the event that a customer does fall ill, we help plan their patient journey, and foster collaboration through close partnerships with service providers. This results in efficient and high-quality medical care that aims to reduce the number of cases in which care is lacking, excessive or inadequate. The main beneficiaries of this are the people receiving the care as well as those around them. At the same time, however, it also has a positive impact on our healthcare system, society, and the environment.

To SWICA's strategy (in German)

SWICA's focus is on people and their health. What's required here is not just a functioning healthcare system, but also an environment that is healthy and in good shape. Reto Dahinden, CEO

Key topics

SWICA has worked with its stakeholder groups to define key topics in order to focus the company's attention on the subject of sustainability. The four main areas are:

Employee health and satisfaction
SWICA is a modern, appealing company with healthy, committed and happy employees.


Customer health
«Because health is everything» isn't just our mission statement, but also the way we live our lives. Here at SWICA, we work tirelessly for the health of our customers, and in so doing, make a valuable contribution to the society we live in.


Political influence and responsibility
SWICA supports a healthcare system that is sustainable and financially viable, which is why it proactively promotes dialogue between the different stakeholder groups.

Quality and efficiency in the healthcare sector
SWICA helps its customers navigate their healthcare, and by offering integrated care and telemedicine services, actively helps to reduce the number of cases in which care is lacking, excessive or inadequate.


Innovative business models
SWICA supports a healthcare system that is effective and financially viable in the long term. We promote innovative ideas, and use digital platforms and partnerships to enhance integrated care.

Financial investments and real estate
As an institutional investor, we actively assume responsibility by taking clearly defined aspects of sustainability into consideration in our investment decisions. Not only does this ensure our company's financial stability, but it also helps conserve value in the long term.


Keeping the environment healthy and protecting the climate
SWICA works to protect the environment and the climate, and to preserve biodiversity. In doing so, we do more than simply reduce our own footprint. With a focus on preventive care and promoting health, and with the aim of helping integrated care become more established, SWICA is working to reduce the entire healthcare system's impact on the environment.


Sustainability is also reflected in the way we treat our employees. Having healthy and dedicated employees is one of our top priorities. Christoph Stäheli, Head of HR

Together for the health of people and the environment

SWICA and its partner WWF firmly believe that conserving nature has a direct, positive impact on human wellbeing. Preserving and restoring our natural resources are key to this holistic approach.