Organisation & management

SWICA takes a long-term approach to management and is committed to working in the best interests of its customers. Individuals who take out basic insurance with SWICA automatically become members of the SWICA Healthcare Organisation association. Every four years the association members elect delegates who meet annually at the Assembly of Delegates. Their most important task is to appoint a group of directors who serve on the board for a three-year term. The Board of Directors is responsible for all items of business which do not fall within the remit of the Assembly of Delegates under the law or the articles of incorporation. It defines the corporate strategy, ensures that financial guidelines are respected, and monitors corporate governance and compliance.

Board of Directors

Carlo Conti
Chairman, Dr. iur.
Ruth Fleisch-Silvestri
Vice-President, Dr. med.
Adrian Bult
lic. oec. HSG
Martin Frei
Business Economist FH, Swiss certified auditor
Stefan Loacker
Mag. rer. soc. oec., Vienna university of economics and business
Casimir Platzer
Diploma in Hotel Management EHL
Caroline Thoma
Martin Wenk
lic. iur.

Executive Committee

Dr. Reto Dahinden
CEO, Dr. oec. HSG
Norbert Reisinger
Finance & Controlling, mag. oec. HSG
Andreas Koller
Product Management & Underwriting, Business Economist HWV
Walter Lutz
Market Development, social and health insurance specialist
Daniel Rochat
Benefits & Medicine, EMBA FHO
Fabian Ringwald
IT, MBA/EMBA Rochester-Bern

Organisational chart

RHO = Regional Head Office