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With the change in the law that came into effect on 1 July 2022 allowing psychological psychotherapy to be reimbursed under mandatory healthcare insurance (OKP), it is now easier for all insured persons to access affordable, quality-assured psychotherapeutic services.

SWICA is committed to helping customers who have mental health problems by providing them with quick and easy access to psychotherapy from qualified professionals. It should be possible to access this therapy under both basic insurance and supplementary insurance.

Frequently asked questions about basic insurance

Psychological psychotherapy services will be covered under mandatory healthcare insurance (OKP) if you are a psychotherapist who meets the relevant conditions and is authorised to send invoices in accordance with the Health Insurance Act (KVG).
No, services cannot be covered under supplementary insurance if the therapist has KVG authorisation.
As psychological psychotherapy is a mandatory KVG benefit as of 1 July 2022, supplementary insurance will no longer cover such services after that date. Under Art. 44 para. 1 KVG (rate protection), it is not permissible to invoice for additional services outside the applicable KVG tariffs. Psychological psychotherapy services can only be covered under supplementary insurance if the therapist is not authorised to invoice under the KVG or has opted out of basic insurance pursuant to Art. 44 para. 2 of the KVG.
Psychological psychotherapy services will be reimbursed in accordance with tariff 581.
SWICA covers services provided by people in further training in an outpatient psychological psychotherapy organisation or in a hospital. Outpatient psychological psychotherapy organisations and hospitals can also employ specialists undergoing further training or specialists who need clinical experience to gain approval to practise.
For help with applying for KVG authorisation or a PAR number, please contact SASIS or your association directly.
Yes. Under Art. 11b of the Healthcare Benefits Ordinance (KLV), services can only be reimbursed under basic insurance if they are prescribed by a doctor.

Frequently asked questions about supplementary insurance

  • Federally recognized psychotherapist
  • No authorisation to invoice under basic insurance pursuant to Art. 36 of the KVG
  • SASIS paying agent number for psychotherapy VVG

Important: SWICA approval is personal and non-transferable. The services cannot be delegated. All services billed for under a therapist's own accreditation must be provided personally by the registered or approved individual.

  • The prerequisite for SWICA approval within the framework of psychotherapy VVG is possession of a PAR number for psychotherapy VVG.
  • You can apply for the PAR number for supplementary insurance directly with SASIS. Details can be found here (in German).
  • After approval is submitted by means of a PAR number for psychotherapy VVG, no further steps are necessary. SWICA regularly receives current data from SASIS. Any name or address changes should be reported directly to the registration offices.
  • SWICA does not issue PAR numbers.

During the transition period, psychotherapists who are already SWICA-approved psychotherapists can continue to be paid without a PAR number for psychotherapy VVG until 30 June 2024. From 1 July 2024, SWICA approval for psychotherapy VVG will expire without a valid PAR number.
Inclusion for the first time on the SWICA list of approved psychotherapists is only possible using the PAR number for psychotherapy VVG.

A contribution to the costs of psychotherapy will be made under supplementary insurance provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Doctor's prescription
  • Benefit provided by SWICA-approved psychotherapist
  • Treatment meets the criteria of efficacy, appropriateness and cost-effectiveness.

Invoices for psychotherapy services must be generated using the software program or the SWICA invoicing form. The invoice must also include the following details:

  • SWICA tariff: 20S
  • SWICA tariff item: 20010
  • Item description: Psychotherapy VVG - individual treatment
For invoicing via supplementary insurance, please use this template:

Psychotherapy invoice template (VVG)
  • COMPLETA TOP / COMPLETA FORTE: 90% of the costs up to a maximum of 50 francs per session for a maximum of 60 sessions per calendar year
  • OPTIMA: an additional 25 francs per session for a maximum of 60 sessions per calendar year
Yes, a doctor's prescription is necessary to claim under supplementary insurance.

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