Sustainable, healthy living

Through SWICA Terra Vital, a joint project with the WWF, SWICA aims to demonstrate its commitment to the health of humans and the environment over the next five years. The project covers two areas: peatlands and regenerative agriculture.

WWF und SWICA Logo

What SWICA is doing

  • Revitalising part of the upland moor
  • Rewetting the upland moor by filling in drainage ditches and installing sheet piling
  • Creating two water features
  • Building an observation platform for visitors
  • Riedbodenmoor Brambrüesch, Graubünden
  • Lörmoos, Bern
  • Breitfeld, St. Gallen
  • Kaubadweiher pond, Appenzell-Innerrhoden

Fancy getting involved? You'll find current peatland volunteer opportunities here (in German).

As part of this project, up to seven farmers will convert their farms over three years and receive support from the Agricultura Regeneratio association.

More on Agricultura Regeneratio (in German)