Our comprehensive special insurance plans

Comprehensive cover abroad

Wherever you happen to be on holiday or when travelling abroad privately or on business, SWICA is there for you with the best possible individual cover, which includes the cost of medical treatment, recovery and repatriation anywhere in the world.

COMPLETA TOP COMPLETA FORTE Travel insurance Insurance cover for people living abroad Interim accident insurance

Insurance cover for foreign guests

If one of your foreign guests has an accident or falls ill, this can result in very substantial costs. Medical insurance for guests offers your visitors comprehensive cover in the event of illness or accident.

Insurance for guests

Hello Switzerland

Are you staying in Switzerland temporarily to study, or do you commute daily from Germany to Switzerland for work? With SWICA, you enjoy comprehensive insurance solutions offering outstanding value for money.

Cross-border commuter insurance Student insurance

Health legal protection insurance

Those affected by medical malpractice must ask themselves if retaining a lawyer is worth the trouble, because the high costs and uncertainty of success often get in the way of asserting one’s rights. By taking out health legal protection insurance, you can put such worries aside because it gives you the certainty and financial support you need.

Health legal protection insurance

Disability and death lump sum

To ensure that personal suffering is not aggravated by financial hardship, it is important to have endowment insurance you can rely on. Protect yourself and your family against the financial risks of death or disability from illness or accident.

Endowment insurance

Comprehensive cover for pets

Visits to the vet can come up unexpectedly and can quickly get expensive. Protect yourself and your dog or cat from high treatment costs with pet insurance from Calingo.

Pet insurance

What our customers have to say.

Barbara Uebersax
«Thanks to SWICA and My Coach I’ve been able to change my eating habits and get closer to my ideal weight. Nowadays I feel much better and my quality of life has improved.»
Albert Hauser
«Professional, straightforward, fast advice provided by the agency in Aadorf.»
Jenny Hitz
«SWICA’s staff are always friendly and available. Really great, friendly customer help line and service :)»
Jennifer Hoeffleur
«SWICA supports me in my efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. When I was trying out Bodypump with a friend, she told me that SWICA made generous contributions to her fitness club membership. So I also switched to SWICA, and am very happy I did. SWICA also provides support in the form of the BENEVITA bonus programme.»
Mattia Baldi
«My family and I trust in SWICA. I was a professional ice hockey player for 14 years and accidents were the order of the day. Our medical team always looked after us extremely well. After my sports career ended, I decided that I wanted the same care and security for my family and myself. With SWICA I’ve found the ideal partner for my family.»
Marie-Louise Felder
«I never had to change my health insurer. That's pretty amazing, especially when you consider that I was born in 1945...»
Nick Schoberth
«I’m never really ill, but during my summer holidays the SWICA helpline provided me with rapid straightforward help, even though I was abroad at the time and in a different time zone.»
Daniel Henke
«For our family, only the best is good enough. Thanks to SWICA, we were able to enjoy the first hours and days together in a family room after our daughter was born. It’s wonderful and reassuring to know that, if anything happens, we as a young family are in good hands with SWICA.»