Discounts on health insurance premiums and contributions to sports activities

COMPLETA FORTE – the outstanding, comprehensive supplement to basic insurance

With COMPLETA FORTE supplementary insurance, you can fill any gaps you may have in your mandatory basic cover even more comprehensively. You receive contributions towards complementary medical treatments, vision aids or health promotion activities.

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Key benefits at a glance

Complementary medicine
Up to CHF 120 per hour for complementary medical treatment*

Vision aids
90% up to CHF 900 for glasses and contact lenses every three calendar years*
Health promotion and preventive healthcare
Up to CHF 1'000 for exercise, nutrition and wellbeing per calendar year* (as per separate list, supplementary to COMPLETA PRAEVENTA)
Emergencies abroad
Comprehensive cover for emergencies abroad: full cover for medically necessary treatment and repatriation costs, search and recovery costs and emergency transport costs of up to CHF 150'000 per calendar year*

Contributions of up to CHF 1'300* towards health-promoting activities

Benefit from generous contributions towards health-promoting activities. SWICA will contribute up to CHF 1'300* per year depending on your chosen supplementary insurance plans. COMPLETA PRAEVENTA can only be taken out in combination with COMPLETA TOP or COMPLETA FORTE.

*This is how your prevention contribution is calculated:
90% of the costs up to CHF 500
COMPLETA PRAEVENTA: 50% of the costs up to CHF 500
OPTIMA: 90% of the remaining costs up to CHF 300

Exclusive services and advantages for SWICA customers with supplementary insurance

  • Over 100 offers and contributions of up to 1'300 francs per year for health-promoting activities and preventive healthcare (find out more)
  • Support from alternative therapy methods thanks to the equal consideration of conventional and complementary medicine
  • Discounts and the innovative TytoHome telemedicine device for medical examinations at home
  • Reduced hourly rate for care for your home during hospital or medical spa stays (Home Attendant service)

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SWICA was once again ranked first in customer satisfaction surveys carried out by Comparis, and AmPuls, and has ranked highly in comparisons for the past ten years. You too can place your trust in SWICA and benefit from the exclusive advantages it offers.
How your premium discount breaks down
The BENEVITA discount is based on the level you reached individually, as shown in the app. The Special Conditions explain the details of the BENEVITA programme. You earn points by completing challenges. All three discount levels must be achieved to benefit from the highest BENEVITA discount. This means collecting a total of 2'500 points.

Supplementary insurances: COMPLETA TOP
Discount level 1: 300 points 5% discount 5% discount
Discount level 2: plus 700 points 5% discount 10% discount
Discount level 3: plus 1'500 points 5% discount 15% discount

What our customers have to say

Fabienne Grass
«I really love the invoice app. It’s so easy to use. And so quick.»
Daniel Henke
«For our family, only the best is good enough. Thanks to SWICA, we were able to enjoy the first hours and days together in a family room after our daughter was born. It’s wonderful and reassuring to know that, if anything happens, we as a young family are in good hands with SWICA.»
Edith Bino
«I had an unpleasant experience abroad when my insulin pump suddenly packed in. The foreign bureaucracy meant that it was far from easy to get hold of two different kinds of insulin and pens. So I eventually ended up in the emergency ward of a large hospital, where I quickly realised just how spoiled we Swiss are. The silver lining appeared after I came back home and sent the bills to SWICA. There were simply no questions or quibbles. The costs were reimbursed to my account after just ten days!

I can't thank SWICA enough for what they did. If you suffer from a chronic illness, you can count yourself lucky to have an efficient and understanding health insurer. Thank you very much.»
Corinne Dittrich
«I’m currently at a rehab centre getting some really excellent treatment. I’m also aware that all this costs a lot of money. SWICA has made this possible for me, and I’m therefore convinced that they take me seriously and know that this is what I need. And, yes, my rehabilitation has been a great success!!! I never thought that this would be possible, but SWICA has provided me with the best option. I’ve regained confidence in my health and am fully committed to maintaining it with all I've got, and I hope to even improve it with some luck and willpower.

And during my illness I was able to support my son while he had his first operation. This, too, was not a problem, which made all of us very happy.»