Support in the event of illness or accident

Care Management – personal support in the event of illness or accident

SWICA Care Managers will assist their clients in cases of illness and following accidents. Throughout Switzerland more than 85 Care Managers are at your disposal with their support and advice.
SWICA makes sure its insured members receive the best treatment and support when they fall sick or suffer an accident – from the first doctor’s consultation to the conclusion of therapy and their reintegration into day-to-day life. SWICA Care Management takes on all the coordination between patient, doctors, employer and other departments involved.

The Care Managers from SWICA are experienced specialists with excellent social, communication and management skills. Unlike other health insurance funds, SWICA has "care managers" instead of "case managers" because we focus on providing optimum care and support for the person concerned rather than on managing cases.

Care Management for private clients

Care Management is a free service for SWICA clients and their family members. SWICA Care Managers offer you individual assistance to help you cope with challenging and complex medical situations or in difficult phases of your life.

Support from SWICA’s care managers
  • You can count on professional support from a SWICA Care Manager if you have suffered long-term illness or had a serious accident. Your Care Manager remains your
    point of contact during the entire convalescence process.
  • Your SWICA Care Manager has access to an extensive medical network. Together with you and in collaboration with physicians and therapists, he develops personal plans and solutions which take account of your actual health situation.
  • Together with the doctors and the Care Manager, you define your goals and plan out the various steps by which you will return to full health.
  • Where appropriate, your SWICA Care Manager will coordinate these steps with your employer, the authorities and the social insurance agencies.

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Care Management for corporate clients

SWICA Care Managers support and assist your incapacitated employees with the aim of reintegrating them into work for the long term and preventing disability.

The use of Care Managers benefits companies in many ways: Employees who fall sick or suffer an accident return to work more quickly. As a result, absence costs are reduced. And every disability that is prevented saves your pension fund the high cost of annual pension payments.

Successful Reintegration

  • Early and sustainable prevention of (long-term) absences
  • Prevention of disability
  • Optimisation of medical treatment
  • Reduced cost of absences and financial burden on the pension fund
  • Retention of valuable expertise

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Personal consultation

Would you like more information on SWICA or a personal consultation? Client Services would be happy to assist. Call us on 0800 80 90 80 or send us a message using the contact form below.

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What our customers have to say.

Isabelle Prynn
«Care Management has really changed my life. Ms Wunderli has made so much possible for me with the disability insurance and is helping me with all the issues in my life. She has always actively supported and encouraged me. Thanks to this, I now have a second chance and can finally get back on my feet and plan ahead. Last year, I never thought I could achieve all these things in 2019, even with the help and encouragement of Ms Wunderli. I’m deeply thankful for all the help and recommend this service to everyone. I think SWICA's Care Management is excellent.
Giusei Fico
«I’ve been a SWICA client for seven years now and it was only in 2018 that I became aware of the company’s Care Management service. It involves SWICA staff offering support to patients by listening to their needs and sensitive health issues with discretion, empathy and a personal touch. In my case, I was able to resolve several issues, from help with administration and red tape, to above all finding the right healthcare pathway and the right doctor. The Care Management service provides a genuinely human relationship. Patients get a one-on-one chat to go through their problems, whatever they may be, and seek a satisfactory solution. With this service, I’ve been treated as a patient with a health problem that needs solving and not just as a client.»
Andreas Feurer
«As chronic pain sufferer with an implanted neurostimulator I have a long and painful path behind me. I've had to go through a number of rehabilitation programmes and operations. Through the whole process I have always been able to rely on SWICA. In fact, it's only thanks to this great support, the job coach and the care provided by Ms Vidale that I've been able to find my way back into the job market. I am infinitely grateful and more than happy that I have such a great health insurer!
Thank you very much»
Esther Tabirri
«Both my parents and I have been insured with SWICA for our entire lives. We have never had any problems or experienced any disappointments. We couldn’t be happier!»
Elisa Rodosti
«Following an illness, SWICA provided me with someone to support and assist me the whole time – my care manager. I believe that this person is extremely important from a psychological and practical point of view. My care manager (Romano Cirasuolo) was there for me throughout my rehabilitation, helping me to organise all my medical and personal affairs. Care managers facilitate and coordinate patient care by setting goals so that patients can continue on their path to recovery with total peace of mind. I got on really well! The service provided by SWICA is FREE. My care manager enabled me to face my illness without ever feeling alone.»
Daniela Weiss
«I’ve been insured with SWICA since childhood and have always received excellent advice. Care Management helps me with my back problem and my communications with the disability insurance authorities (IV). This really takes the pressure off me. I’m very happy and would recommend SWICA to anyone.»
Franca Roberti
«During my stay at the rehabilitation clinic following an accident, it was suggested to me that I work with a SWICA care manager, who would be responsible for helping me to find the support I needed to cope as best I could with my return home. I weighed up the suggestion together with my family and we decided to accept. We were incredibly glad we did. We met someone who was really friendly, very well prepared and equally helpful, who found the right solutions and the right forms of support for me. These allowed me to regain my “independence” one year down the line.
It was a very positive experience that I would have no hesitation in recommending.
I would like to thank my care manager and SWICA.»

Die zufriedensten Kunden sind bei SWICA. Die hohe Zufriedenheit hat Tradition: Ob Comparis, K-Tipp oder AmPuls – in den unabhängigen Krankenkassenvergleichen belegt SWICA seit 10 Jahren Spitzenpositionen.

Les clients les plus satisfaits sont chez SWICA. Une satisfaction élevée qui ne se dément pas: depuis dix ans, SWICA occupe les meilleures places des comparatifs indépendants de caisses-maladie Comparis, Bon à Savoir et amPuls.

I clienti più soddisfatti sono assicurati presso SWICA. Che si tratti dei sondaggi di Comparis, K-Tipp o amPuls, il risultato non cambia: SWICA ottiene da 10 anni valutazioni eccellenti nei confronti indipendenti tra le casse malati.

The happiest customers are SWICA customers. High levels of satisfaction have become a tradition: Whether Comparis, K-Tipp or amPuls, SWICA has come in first in independent health insurance surveys for 10 years.