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Preventing falls

You can enjoy attractive contributions by taking positive action to prevent falls.

Preventing falls at home

Falls are human and happen much more frequently than is commonly assumed. Almost every third person above the age of 65 falls once a year, often with serious consequences. However, the risk of a fall can be reduced with the help of expert advice. The Swiss Rheumatism Association offers a short test with nine questions, which you can use to assess your own risk of a fall. If you have answered more than one question with «Yes», the Swiss Rheumatism Association will offer you personal fall prevention measures at home.

This offer was developed in the course of four years in conjunction with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), which conducted research on its benefits. The study results (German version) were published in 2021 and indicate that the fall prevention programme clearly reduces the number of falls and subsequent injuries. Senior citizens participating in the study also stated that their fear of falling was reduced. This is a particularly important finding because research shows that being afraid of falling actually increases the risk of falling.

The fall prevention measures cost CHF 540. SWICA makes contributions from the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans.

Swiss Rheumatism Association

Up to CHF 600 per year in preventive healthcare benefits

SWICA covers 50% of the costs from your COMPLETA PRAEVENTA supplementary plan, up to 300 francs per calendar year. Furthermore, your OPTIMA supplementary plan covers 90% of the costs exceeding this amount, up to 300 francs per calendar year. This can result in prevention contributions of up to 600 francs per year.

SWICA supplementary insurance

Film (German only): "Pensioniert sein heisst nicht, nichts tun" ("Being retired doesn't mean doing nothing")

"mitenand", broadcast on 24 May 2015, with senior citizen Valentin Blättler and physiotherapist Christine Hunziker (© SRF Swiss Television)


Regular exercise with like-minded people

Regular balance and strength exercises are vitally important for older people if they want to stay fit, mobile and independent into advanced old age. The Swiss Council for Accident Prevention, Pro Senectute Switzerland, the Swiss Foundation for the Promotion of Health, the Swiss Rheumatism Association and physioswiss are hoping to motivate older people to take regular exercise through the “Stand safe – walk safe” campaign.

At you will find a wide range of course offerings, including fitness, gymnastics, dance, walking, qi gong and yoga. SWICA supports many of these offerings under its COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans. To find out more, please contact SWICA customer services (available 24/7).

Film (German only): Short film: 3 x 3 everyday exercise programme

The «3x3» short film will show you how to exercise safely at home.You can find other exercise programmes here. (© bfu)

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