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With TytoHome, the innovative telemedicine device, you can carry out medical exams by yourself, regardless of where you happen to be, and then share and discuss the results with santé24 healthcare experts and doctors. SWICA is the first health insurer in Europe to offer TytoHome to its customers.

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TytoHome explained in brief

  Explainer video
  • With TytoHome, you can carry out seven different exams by yourself, regardless of where you happen to be, and send the results to santé24 for evaluation.
  • TytoHome is designed for adults and children of all ages, which means only one device is needed for the whole family.
  • Using the device is simple and secure, as each exam is explained step by step.
  • santé24 then evaluates and discusses the exam results with you free of charge,
  • which could save you a trip to the doctor's office.

This video provides more detailed information.

TytoHome gets very good score in the PCtipp test
PCtipp tested the telemedicine device TytoHome and gave it a score of 4.5 (very good). TytoHome's versatility, user-friendliness and data quality were especially convincing features.

Read about the entire 2021 test in PCtipp. (Test report available only in German.)

Exclusive offer for SWICA customers

TytoHome saves you time and money: Once you have paid the single amount for the device, any further consultations with santé24 are free of charge (medical services from other providers are subject to a fee).

The price of the device varies depending on your insurance cover:
Insurance cover Price incl. VAT and
Other* CHF 249
*Basic insurance, or supplementary insurance plans other than OPTIMA and/or COMPLETA TOP

The offer is valid while stocks last. To use TytoHome you will need a smartphone, an email address and two apps – SWICA BENECURA and TytoCare. Orders can only be accepted from Swiss residents aged 18 or over. Only one TytoHome device can be ordered per person.

Exams that can be carried out with TytoHome

TytoHome allows various examinations to be carried on yourself or on a third person – a child, for example. The app guides you through the process.


Examinations of the lungs, heart and pulse rate (stethoscope)
Examination of the ears (otoscope)
Examination of neck and throat (integrated camera function)
Measurement of body temperature (integrated thermometer)
Photography of the skin (integrated camera function)
Examination of the abdominal region (stethoscope)

How TytoHome works

After you place the order, TytoHome is sent to your home. To register and log in, you first need to install the BENECURA app from SWICA. You can then download and set up TytoCare within BENECURA – eliminating the need to log in to the TytoCare app again. TytoHome is now ready to use. 

BENECURA and TytoCare apps download
If you fall ill, you can carry out the necessary exams by yourself – with the help of the TytoHome device – and send the images, video and audio recordings, and any additional information obtained during the exam, to santé24.
Once you have sent everything, you must contact santé24 by phone. santé24 reviews the exam results only after your call.
santé24 discusses the situation with you. Its doctors and medical staff decide whether additional exams are necessary or recommend a further course of action. For conditions that lend themselves to telemedicine, santé24 can also issue prescriptions for medicines or therapies (e.g. physiotherapy) as well as temporary certificates of incapacity for work. Moreover, it can refer you directly to a specialist. You as the patient will always be actively involved in whatever happens next.

How to contact santé24 and the TytoHome technical helpline

santé24 telemedicine service
You can reach santé24 for telemedical advice at +41 44 404 86 86 – around the clock, 365 days a year.

For TytoHome consultations, santé24 is there for you Monday to Sunday from 7:00 to 23:00.

Technical helpline for TytoHome
For technical questions about the device and service, you can reach our helpline on +41 52 244 28 30 or by email to tytohome@swica.ch: Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 17:00, and on Friday from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:30 to 16:00.

Data protection
TytoHome sends the information it obtains from the exam to santé24 in encrypted form. This means that only the patient and the santé24 medical staff can view any of the exam information. In addition, TytoCare can access the information in connection with its technical support. All medical information is subject to medical confidentiality.

To enable santé24 to continuously evaluate and improve its service, you will, on completion of each exam, receive a short questionnaire that is voluntary and takes less than a minute to fill out.

What our customers have to say

Thomas Pfiffner
«I've been a satisfied SWICA customer for many years now. I've been using TytoHome as a test customer since 2020. It's very useful and has also been very beneficial during the holidays. I'm convinced of the value of this product. I also appreciate SWICA's contribution towards my cross-country ski pass.»
Michael Griebsch
«Taking part in the TytoHome pilot saved us several visits to the doctor, and the feedback fed back directly into improving the service. We’re now keen users of telemedicine.»
Peter Markstaller
«When my cold got worse I carried out and transmitted various exams with TytoHome. Shortly afterwards I got to have an initial phone call with a professional, and only an hour or so later had a phone consultation with a doctor – all without having to consult a medical practice. Great!»
Marcel Wild
«TytoHome is very easy and straightforward to use. Nothing can go wrong if you read the instructions. TytoHome gives me more flexibility and lets me do things when I want to. I strongly recommend using TytoHome.»
Andrea Stutz
«When I call SWICA, I always have friendly, helpful advisers on the other end of the line. So far, they've always been able to answer my questions and I've been happy with the outcome.
I also appreciate the app-based services which help me avoid tiresome paperwork.»
Björn Busch
«I received very competent and friendly advice from a qualified nurse, and a very short time later got a call back from the specialist. I felt I got very good advice.»

BENECURA and TytoCare app to download

The BENECURA and TytoCare apps are available free of charge and come as iOS and Android versions.

TytoCare app

Can I launch the TytoCare app from the BENECURA app?

Yes, this is both possible and very simple. All you have to do is:

  1. Log in to BENECURA
  2. Launch the TytoCare app from More Services
  3. Download the TytoCare app, and get started straight away

FAQ – answers to frequently asked questions

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