Golf is good for you

SWICA supports you in your efforts at personal preventive healthcare. Because golf helps keep players mentally and physically active, SWICA contributes annually up to 95% of the fee for the Migros GolfCard.

How to calculate your contribution to promote sports

The contribution for the promotion of sporting activities is paid out of the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans. See the illustration below to find out how much SWICA contributes:

Fee for the Migros GolfCard CHF 290
Contribution from COMPLETA PRAEVENTA CHF 145*
Contribution from OPTIMA CHF 130.50**
Your costs CHF   14.50
* 50% up to CHF 300 under the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA plan (50% of CHF 290, max. CHF 300)
** 90% up to CHF 300 under the OPTIMA plan (90% of CHF 145, max. CHF 300)

How to apply for your contribution to promote sports

Please send a copy of the invoice for the Migros GolfCard to your SWICA Customer Service. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, the contribution will be credited to your account.