Cook at home like the Swiss Culinary National Team

SWICA is the proud sponsor of the Swiss Culinary National Team. That's why we’ve asked these pros to create a healthy, seasonal and appealing recipe just for you every month. They will also explain how small changes in the way you cook can make a world of difference. After all, no one said that healthy food has to be bland or boring. We hope you will enjoy cooking these recipes and wish you «bon appetit».

Discover a new recipe from the pros every month

Make sure you have the right tools: Choose a coated pan or grill pan to give meat a nice crust, also when there's very little fat.
Don’t blanch or boil vegetables in water. Instead, steam them to preserve the vitamins and minerals they contain.
Choose fresh, dried or frozen herbs to make your dishes tasty and varied, even when using very little salt. Herbs also have lots of vitamins, minerals and secondary plant substances.
Be sure to use the right kind of oil: When preparing cold dishes, use cold-pressed rapeseed, olive, or walnut oil with valuable fatty acids; when frying things, use heat-resistant HOLL rapeseed oil or olive oil.