Tips for finding a personal trainer

SPTF-SPTV Swiss Personal Trainer Federation

In collaboration with the SPTF-SPTV Swiss Personal Trainer Federation, SWICA will help you find a personal trainer who can motivate you towards achieving your fitness, performance and health goals.
  • Do you want to lose a few kilos or build up your muscles?
  • Do you want a strong, pain-free back?
  • Maybe you're already very fit and want professional help towards achieving your new personal best?

The personal trainers operating under the SPTV brand name are guaranteed to be professional. You can find the directory of qualified personal trainers here:

SWICA-recognised trainers

What does the SPTF-SPTV Swiss Personal Trainer Federation do, and what does the seal of quality mean?

The term "personal trainer" does not enjoy legal protection in Switzerland. Since the profession is not bound by any particular standards, the services provided by trainers can vary significantly. Training provided by poorly qualified personnel can lead to health problems.

The SPTF-SPTV Swiss Personal Trainer Federation addresses this problem and has been committed since 2007 to promoting the personal training profession in Switzerland. To this end, the association has launched a seal of quality for personal trainers, which helps those who are looking for a qualified personal trainer to find a true professional without difficulty.