Online nutrition programme

Healthy eating or weight-loss? Diet and nutrition programmes have shown to help.

If you want to lose weight permanently and maintain healthy eating habits without giving in to the usual temptations, a pre-specified nutrition programme can provide good support. Whether you participate via an app, over the phone or meet with like-minded individuals – having access to a large selection of recipe ideas, getting personal coaching and seeing visible progress can motivate you to stick with your new habits.
The COMPLETA FORTE, COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary plans help by contributing up to 900 francs per year (find out more) towards your preventive efforts.

SalutaCoach: holistic coaching by phone and app

SalutaCoach offers individual coaching focused on health promotion, preventive healthcare, and nutrition. Health coaches will guide you through your personal programme over the phone, while a state-of-the-art app manages your data and gives you valuable tips on exercise and nutrition. SWICA customers can benefit from discounted offers.

More about the SalutaCoach offer

Betty Bossi: enjoy losing weight in your everyday life

The Betty Bossi digital coach can help you with permanent weight loss in your everyday life. The app has more than 1 000 inspiring recipes, a calorie counter, fitness exercise videos and other useful functions. SWICA supports the weight loss programme and contributes to the subscription costs. The contributions are dependent on the supplementary insurance plans that are in effect and are composed as follows:

Calculation example
Contributions supplementary insurance 1 mo 3 mos 6 mos 12 mos
COMPLETA FORTE contribution 26.10 62.10 89.10 134.10
COMPLETA PRAEVENTA contribution 1.45 3.45 4.95 7.45
OPTIMA contribution 1.30 3.10 4.45 6.70
Maximum SWICA contribution 28.85 68.65 98.50 148.25

Calculation example
with COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA in Swiss Francs
Contributions supplementary insurance 1 mo 3 mos 6 mos 12 mos
COMPLETA PRAEVENTA contribution 14.50  34.50 49.50 74.50
OPTIMA contribution  13.05 31.05 44.55 67.05
Maximum SWICA contribution 27.55  65.55 94.05 141.55

Note: Contributions (as of January 2024) are subject to change at any time.

More about the Betty Bossi offer (in German)

How your preventive healthcare contribution breaks down

SWICA covers 90% of the costs under your COMPLETA FORTE supplementary plan, up to 300 francs per calendar year. COMPLETA PRAEVENTA covers an additional 50% of the costs up to 300 francs per year. OPTIMA supplementary insurance covers 90% of the cost exceeding this amount, up to a maximum of 300 francs per calendar year. This can result in prevention contributions of up to 900 francs per year.

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