Private hospitalisation insurance

Well prepared and supported in hospital

People are often nervous and fearful before an operation. At SWICA we do everything we can to ensure that your stay in hospital is as pleasant as it can be and to support you with a wide range of services before, during and after your stay. As we did in Marcel's case.
Marcel has had a pain in his shoulder for months now. Since the pain doesn’t go away by itself, he makes an appointment to see a doctor. It turns out that the pain comes from shoulder impingement syndrome and that Marcel will need surgery. The doctor recommends a special clinic for him.

BENECURA – the medical reference book with SymptomCheck

Marcel is anxious about the diagnosis. At the weekend all he can think about is the operation. He consults the BENECURA health app from SWICA and finds some answers to his questions. He also reads there that it may be possible to relieve the pain without invasive surgery.

BENECURA – the new health app from SWICA
The BENECURA medical app provides simple and reliable help for any symptoms and illnesses you may have. Thanks to the SymptomCheck feature, which has been developed by doctors, you will get individual advice on what steps to take.

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santé24 – your Swiss telemedicine service

On Saturday, after a sleepless night, Marcel decides to contact the santé24 telemedicine service. The doctors and medical specialists at santé24 are there for him 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to answer questions relating to prevention, illness and accident.

santé24 – your Swiss telemedicine service

Whether it’s a cold or a rash – you can benefit from the santé24 telemedicine service worldwide.

Phone: +41 44 404 86 86

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Support based on a second opinion

The santé24 health advisor detects the anxiety in Marcel's voice and asks him if he would like to have his medical file reviewed by a neutral specialist. Marcel confirms that he would like a second opinion, and santé24 puts him in touch with a medical expert. However, the second opinion also confirms that surgery is necessary.

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LHOSPITA hospitalisation insurance

Marcel eventually agrees to have the operation. His doctor and the hospital have made all the arrangements relating to his hospital stay. Shortly before he is admitted to hospital, a personal SWICA contact person calls him on the phone. She informs him about relevant insurance issues and the costs that will be covered. This contact person is available to deal with any further concerns that Marcel may have before, during and after his stay in hospital. This is a SWICA service for customers with HOSPITA SEMI-PRIVATE or HOSPITA PRIVATE hospitalisation insurance.

HOSPITA hospitalisation insurance from SWICA – valuable supplementary insurance, from semi-private to private, worldwide

Are you looking for a SWICA-recognised hospital? Thanks to exclusive partnerships with first-class hospitals and clinics, SWICA can offer its customers a comprehensive health network.

Hospital directory

Personal support through the Home Nanny or Home Attendant service

On the day that he's admitted to hospital, Marcel checks in well prepared and, given the circumstances, in good spirits. The operation is a success. When he comes round, his wife is standing by the bed. While she spends time with him at the hospital, their children are being looked after at home by a home nanny. This is a discounted service for SWICA customers.

Home Nanny

Whether it’s measles or the flu, your child will be in good hands with the Home Nanny service.

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Home Attendant is another SWICA service which will take good care of your home and pets while you are in hospital or at a medical spa.

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SWICA is there for you after a hospital stay

After just four days Marcel can leave the clinic and begin physiotherapy. Prior to this, the clinical staff went through the planned follow-up examinations and therapies with Marcel and gave him an appointments schedule. Reassured that all is as it should be, he can now go home.

Two weeks later, the SWICA contact person calls to ask how he is feeling, how his recovery is progressing and how the follow-up treatment is working out. A service for customers with HOSPITA hospitalisation insurance. She also asks him for feedback on the support provided by SWICA and on the hospital stay.

His friend Felix tells him that complementary treatment can also help with the recovery process. And so Marcel uses the comprehensive directory of therapists to find out which costs are covered and to locate an appropriate therapist whose practice is in his neighbourhood.

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Prevention instead of cure – preventive healthcare offers

Marcel’s operation was a while ago, and now he’s pain-free and fitter than ever before. This could be because Marcel followed his SWICA contact's recommendation and took out a gym membership after his physiotherapy. Regular strength and mobilisation exercises can significantly reduce the risk of relapse. Thanks to the supplementary insurance plans that Marcel has taken out, SWICA makes a generous contribution towards the cost of gym membership.

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Personal consultation

Would you like more information on SWICA or a personal consultation? Client Services would be happy to assist. Call us on 0800 80 90 80 or send us a message using the contact form below.

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What our customers have to say.

Corinne Dittrich
«I’m currently at a rehab centre getting some really excellent treatment. I’m also aware that all this costs a lot of money. SWICA has made this possible for me, and I’m therefore convinced that they take me seriously and know that this is what I need. And, yes, my rehabilitation has been a great success!!! I never thought that this would be possible, but SWICA has provided me with the best option. I’ve regained confidence in my health and am fully committed to maintaining it with all I've got, and I hope to even improve it with some luck and willpower.

And during my illness I was able to support my son while he had his first operation. This, too, was not a problem, which made all of us very happy.»
Thomas Gramm
«We are satisfied with SWICA’s services in every respect and have found their Client Services always to be friendly and helpful. The coach who's there when someone has an operation, for example, ensures that things stay calm, and we can get help quickly and easily if needed.»
Florian Allenspach
«A health insurer shows its real qualities when you become ill. When I had surgery on my back seven years ago SWICA was always there for me. I benefited from preferential treatment in the hospital and straightforward processes. I can warmly recommend SWICA to anyone.»
Franca Roberti
«During my stay at the rehabilitation clinic following an accident, it was suggested to me that I work with a SWICA care manager, who would be responsible for helping me to find the support I needed to cope as best I could with my return home. I weighed up the suggestion together with my family and we decided to accept. We were incredibly glad we did. We met someone who was really friendly, very well prepared and equally helpful, who found the right solutions and the right forms of support for me. These allowed me to regain my “independence” one year down the line.
It was a very positive experience that I would have no hesitation in recommending.
I would like to thank my care manager and SWICA.»
Karin Arigoni
«In the autumn of 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It came as a massive shock to me. SWICA reassured me straight away and explained that it is a health insurance company that really covers the disease. Today I’m doing very well and I’m very grateful to SWICA.»