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A second opinion – your support when making important medical decisions.

SWICA supports you in finding the optimal solution. On request a neutral expert will review a diagnosis or prescribed therapy and offer you a second opinion so that you can get treatment that is tailored precisely to your needs.

The benefits of a second medical opinion

  • Certainty in case you are unsure about a first medical opinion
  • Support when making decisions about planned non-emergency medical treatment
  • A means for obtaining transparent, complete and objective information

SWICA customers can obtain an independent second opinion free of charge from santé24 at any time. Experienced doctors will assist you in this process.

Fees charged by the platform are also covered for customers with HOSPITA PRIVATE WORLDWIDE, PRIVATE and FLEX PRIVATE, HOSPITA SEMI-PRIVATE and FLEX SEMI-PRIVATE or INFORTUNA.

How you can benefit from a second medical opinion

  • You must be insured with SWICA. Whether you are insured through your company or with SWICA directly is of no consequence.
  • The decision concerns outpatient treatment or inpatient treatment that is mandatorily covered under the Federal Health Insurance Act. It is not possible to get a second opinion for cosmetic surgery.

How to get a second medical opinion

Second opinion via santé24
  • Call santé24 on +41 44 404 86 86.
  • santé24 will inform you about the process and use your diagnosis and the questions you raised to determine which documents you need for the second medical opinion.
  • SWICA will contact the medical experts, who will then review your documents and issue the second opinion.
  • The doctor who provides the second opinion does not perform such treatments himself. This guarantees that the second opinion is independent and objective.
  • On request SWICA will lend its support until the treatment has been completed.

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Second opinion from

The platform offers support from respected doctors in Switzerland to help you make the right decision. You enjoy the following advantages:

  • You receive a second opinion within 10 days
  • Your data is protected: You decide who can access your data. SWICA does not have access to data without your consent.

The platform fees are covered for SWICA customers with the following supplementary insurance models: HOSPITA BestMed, PRIVATE, SEMI-PRIVATE including all FLEX variants, and INFORTUNA.

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Certified quality with EQUAM

santé24 prioritises quality in its telemedicine advice and treatment. Its doctors and health specialists are regularly checked and certified by the EQUAM foundation. You can find out more about the label at (in German).

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