Health insurer contributions to gym membership

Benefits under COMPLETA PRAEVENTA supplementary insurance

All benefits provided by COMPLETA PRAEVENTA supplementary insurance are described in detail here. COMPLETA PRAEVENTA is available only in combination with COMPLETA TOP or COMPLETA FORTE and can be extend further with benefits from OPTIMA supplementary insurance.

Co-payments in basic insurance:
SWICA charges the co-payments prescribed by law or defined in the contract for these benefits.

Contributions of up to CHF 1'300* towards health-promoting activities

Benefit from generous contributions towards health-promoting activities. SWICA will contribute up to CHF 1'300* per year depending on your chosen supplementary insurance plans. COMPLETA PRAEVENTA can only be taken out in combination with COMPLETA TOP or COMPLETA FORTE.

*This is how your prevention contribution is calculated:
90% of the costs up to CHF 500
COMPLETA PRAEVENTA: 50% of the costs up to CHF 500
OPTIMA: 90% of the remaining costs up to CHF 300

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