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Before switching your insurance, it's worth checking whether there are alternatives for your basic and supplementary insurance cover. Did you know that you can optimise your existing insurance with SWICA to save on your premiums? We can provide you with personal advice to suit your individual requirements.

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Frequently asked questions about cancelling

Would you still like to cancel your SWICA insurance? Below you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

30 November is the termination date for switching insurance provider with effect from 1 January of the following year. For this, please send us a written notice of termination and confirmation of acceptance from your new health insurer by the specified termination date.

Please note that the stamp date is not decisive for acceptance of termination, which is valid only if it reaches SWICA on the last working day before the termination date. Please note that you can terminate your cover only if all premiums, co-payments, default interest or debt collection fees in basic insurance have been paid.

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You can reduce or terminate your supplementary insurance at year-end. The notice periods are as follows:
  • Three months if the premium is unchanged (reach SWICA on the last working day before 30 September)
  • One month if the premium is increased (notice must reach SWICA on the last working day before 31 December)

Please note that you must give notice in writing.