Same quality for less money, thanks to an attractive premium discount

Depending on canton, you can save up to 22% on premiums by choosing an alternative basic insurance model. You can cut your premiums even further by increasing your excess. SWICA also offers family discounts for children and young people.

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Optimizing basic insurance

SWICA rewards a sense of personal responsibility with premium discounts: the higher the franchise, the more attractive the premium.

Annual franchise
in CHF
Maximum deductible
in CHF
Maximum cost sharing
in CHF
premium discount
in %
Max. premium reduction per annum in CHF
300.– 700.– 1,000.– 0%  
500.– 700.– 1,200.– 6% 140.–
1,000.– 700.– 1,700.– 20% 490.–
1,500.– 700.– 2,200.– 30% 840.–
2,000.– 700.– 2,700.– 40% 1,190.–
2,500.– 700.– 3,200.– 47% 1,540.–

The franchise may be adjusted annually (SWICA must be notified of any increase by 31 December and of any reduction by 30 November).
  • Minimum annual franchise: CHF 300
  • Maximum annual franchise: CHF 2,500
  • Children are exempted from the franchise


The deductible at present is 10% (or 20% with certain medicines) and is calculated for all benefits that exceed the sum of the annual franchise. The maximum deductible per calendar year is CHF 700 for adults and CHF 350 for people under 19 years of age.

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