Preventive courses: fortify your health

According to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), personal lifestyle has a bearing on around half of all chronic conditions. Changes in how we eat and exercise and in our sense of wellbeing can all have a major impact. Prevention comprises measures designed to prevent specific health disorders and their negative effects from occurring.

It’s a great start if you can lead your life according to your own wishes and needs while addressing the challenges that chronic diseases entail. Taking your own life into your hands, also called self-management, is a key component of disease management programmes, and also of the following preventive courses.

Up to CHF 600 per year in preventive healthcare benefits

Under the COMPLETA PRAEVENTA supplementary insurance plan you receive CHF 300 per year towards your preventive efforts, with the OPTIMA plan providing an additional CHF 300.

SWICA supplementary insurance

Selection of preventive courses offered by SWICA-recognised partners and providers

SWICA supports a wide range of exercise courses, healthy nutrition programmes and measures to help you relax and increase your wellbeing.

More about SWICA health promotion offerings

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