Psychologist consultation and services

Psychotherapy at SWICA

SWICA supports psychotherapy provided by qualified therapists. Psychological psychotherapists can work independently under basic insurance. A doctor's prescription is required for services to be reimbursed under basic insurance.

Contribution under supplementary insurance

Under the COMPLETA TOP and OPTIMA, COMPLETA FORTE supplementary insurance plans, SWICA will contribute to the costs of illness-related psychotherapy treatment provided that the treatment is administered by a SWICA-approved psychotherapist and has been prescribed by a doctor, and the psychotherapist does not invoice under basic insurance.

Would you like to know whether your psychotherapist is SWICA-approved? SWICA customer services is available 24/7 on the freephone number 0800 80 90 80 to answer all your queries.

Yes, a doctor's prescription is required for a contribution to costs, under both basic and supplementary insurance.
SWICA covers services provided by people in further training in an outpatient psychological psychotherapy organisation or in a hospital.
  • COMPLETA TOP / COMPLETA FORTE: 90% of the costs up to a maximum of 50 francs per session for a maximum of 60 sessions per calendar year
  • OPTIMA: an additional 25 francs per session for a maximum of 60 sessions per calendar year

Psychological counselling from santé24

SWICA customers receive around the clock medical assistance from santé24 doctors and medical specialists. Are you plagued by worries and fears or are you aware of other psychological symptoms? Do you have a challenging situation in your life or other uncertainties?

Among other things, as part of the santé24 telemedicine service, SWICA offers its customers psychiatric/psychological counselling from specialists. To arrange an appointment, contact the specialist staff at santé24 on +41 44 404 86 86.