Piloxing: blended fitness for strength and muscles

Do you fancy trying out something new? This sporty fusion could inspire you: Piloxing combines Pilates, boxing and dance to create a dynamic workout. It helps you build muscle, burn fat and strengthen your mind. Find out here how it works.
Whether you're already a sports freak or are just about to start your fitness journey, Piloxing is suitable for all levels. It pairs gentle movements with speed and strength by combining individual elements from Pilates and boxing. The workout is designed so that the level of difficulty can be adapted. And you can find the right course for your pace in the studio or online.

Discover your power within

Whether Piloxing makes you work up a sweat quickly or helps your fitness and flexibility, it's all about enjoying the movements. It's worth trying out, because this workout can mix up your routine and help you discover new forms of movement. You benefit in more ways than one: the quick punching motions improve your stamina, while the Pilates elements enhance core stability and flexibility. The dance components round off the workout and are good for your mood.

Excellent for building muscle

Piloxing is the perfect balance between an intensive workout and targeted physical training. The combination of cardio and strength exercises improves your cardiovascular system. You build muscles at the same time: the boxing sequences primarily train the muscles in your arms, shoulders and core, while the Pilates exercises are designed to strengthen your whole body. This get you in shape and improves your posture.

Boost calorie and fat burning

Piloxing is designed as interval training that involves short, high-intensity exercises interspersed with periods of rest. It causes your heart rate to skyrocket and boosts your metabolism. This continues long after the workout has ended - the so-called afterburn. The quick movements and constant activation of muscles during the workout improve fat-burning and help reduce body fat.

Holistic approach for your body and mind

Piloxing isn't just a physical workout, but also a form of mental training. The focus on the movements and the synchronisation of breathing and movement improves your concentration and mindfulness. The energetic movements and rhythmic sequences bring your body and mind into balance and promote all aspects of your wellbeing.

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