A tasty snack with pep

A tasty snack with pep

Learning, playing and discovering – a day at school needs a whole lot of energy. A tasty and balanced mid-morning snack is just the right kind of tonic. In this health tip, you can learn about all the things that belong in your child’s tuck box and the things that don’t.
For growth and for learning new things every day, children need to be mentally and physically fit. The basis for this is provided by a balanced diet and adequate exercise. Besides breakfast, a healthy mid-morning snack gives your child not only valuable vitamins and energy during the day at school, but also protects the teeth from caries. To ensure that the snack is also to your child’s taste, it is best to prepare it together and to bear in mind the individual preferences of your child.

Crunchy energy boosters

For most children, fresh fruit and raw vegetables are the ideal crunchy snack. They can be eaten easily by hand and provide valuable nutrients. To make the snack even more appealing for your child, you can cut the fruit and vegetables into small wedges or sticks or – if you are feeling in a creative mood – cut funny faces and animals in them. Together with a bottle of water or unsweetened tea, you will be providing your child with the best conditions for remaining alert and attentive until the end of the school day.

Breakfast skippers and little whirlwinds

If your child is not a great one for breakfast or runs around a lot during the day, you should prepare a more substantial snack. Besides fruit and vegetables, ideally pack in a few whole-grain crackers or a piece of whole-grain bread with some cheese as well. A handful of nuts or a small pack of milk is also suitable.

No sweets or salty snacks

Biscuits and crisps are hugely popular with children, and unfortunately they often find their way into the tuck box. Sweet and salty snacks may well provide a quick energy boost, but they very soon lead to a sudden drop in strength and concentration. Your child quickly becomes tired and has trouble concentrating in school. In addition, snacks that are high in sugar and fat can lead to obesity and caries. So take care that your child retains a healthy balance in his or her enjoyment of chocolate and sweets, and make sure they remain something special. Sweets, salty snacks, sweetened drinks and milk desserts have no place in a tuck box.

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