Five tips for more efficiency at work

Again stress at the office? These five digital all-rounders are designed to relieve you at work and to help you relax.

Whether it involves quickly replying to a Facebook post, updating your LinkedIn profile or catching up with the latest news, the risk of getting distracted while at work is ever present. The following apps will help you to use your time efficiently and to stay productive throughout the day.


Morning Kit: a complete overview

Morning Kit quickly supplies you with all the relevant information for a successful start of the day by giving you an overview of your appointments, telling you about the weather and showing you the latest news.


WorkLog: efficient time recording

Use the start and stop buttons to keep track of your working hours directly. The app also comes with a timer to remind you to take short breaks so that you will stay in top form throughout the day.


Taskmind: more than just a to-do list

You can make notes with the keyboard or by saving spoken messages with the voice recorder. The app lets you not only list your own tasks but also has other useful functions to aid communication at work. For example, team members can allocate or accept pending tasks directly and save them with the attached files.


TeamViewer: external access to the PC at the office

An all too familiar situation: You're on the road and need to access your computer at the office. With TeamViewer you can connect your smartphone with an external PC in order to access the files and programs on your computer.


Desk Workout: the 60-second timeout

This app prompts you regularly to take a short exercise break. You can choose from over 45 exercises to help you loosen up, clear your head and regain your energy during a one-minute break.

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