SWICA options for paying premium invoices

Convenient payment of SWICA's invoices

You have several options for paying your premium invoices. Do you have any further questions or need advice? Our SWICA staff would be happy to assist you. Our customer service line is also there for you outside normal office hours and at the weekend.

Toll free number 24/7: 0800 80 90 80

Pay invoices with just a few clicks in your e-banking/e-finance app

With eBill you can pay your bills even more easily and conveniently. You don't need to scan a payment slip or type out the details anymore, you just have to check your invoice directly in your e-banking/e-finance app and approve the payment with just two clicks. If required, you can also set up an automatic invoice approval up to a certain invoice total. You can find all the advantages of paying with eBill in the following video.

Switch to e-billing and support WWF

WWF and SWICA are working together for the health of mankind and the environment. In the context of this partnership, SWICA is launching a digital donation campaign to save paper: for every switch, SWICA will donate five francs to WWF. The printing costs saved will be invested in environmental protection projects up to a maximum amount of 100'000 francs.

How to register for SWICA eBill invoices

  1. Log in to your e-banking/e-finance app as usual
  2. Select «eBill/e-billing» in the menu
  3. Register for the eBill service if you haven't already
  4. For identification purposes, please enter your insurance number or your last premium invoice number

Please note: After switching, you will stop receiving paper invoices from SWICA. You can view your invoices at any time in your mySWICA account.

Payment by direct debit

As an alternative to eBill, you can also pay your premium invoices via direct debit or PostFinance Direct Debit. The invoice amount will be debited automatically from your account on the due date. To make the switch, please complete the application form on a computer or by hand and send it signed to the specified address. We will send you payment slips for payment of your premiums and co-payments until your bank authorises the direct debit facility.

Paying your invoices with the new QR code

As of the end of February 2022, SWICA will send only invoices with QR codes to its customers. Payment transactions in Switzerland have been updated, and the previous orange payment slips are being discontinued. The new QR code that is now on SWICA's invoices has all the necessary information so that you can pay your premium invoices conveniently with just a few clicks.

Note regarding payments from outside Switzerland

The QR IBAN printed on the premium invoice doesn't work for payments made from other countries. You can use the payment details shown above the QR invoice instead. Alternatively you can make payments from outside Switzerland to the following bank information, making reference to the insurance and statement number.

IBAN: CH 10 0483 5082 6327 1100 0
Credit Suisse AG, 8070 Zürich

Please note: The amount transferred must equal the exact amount in Swiss francs.


Main parts of the new QR invoice

The example below shows you where you can find the key information in the payment section of the new QR invoice.

  1. QR code with all of the relevant payment details to enter conveniently in your e-banking app or smartphone
  2. New account number (QR IBAN) for adjusting your standing orders
  3. Payment details as text to enter manually in your e-banking app. Please use the personal details printed on your payment slip.

Save money by paying insurance premiums annually

SWICA offers a 0.5 percent discount if you pay your premiums annually. This discount applies to any basic or supplementary insurance plans that you have taken out with SWICA. You can adjust the frequency of your payments in the mySWICA customer portal, or call us on 0800 80 90 80.

Frequently asked questions

The QR code on the new invoices contains all of the information required to make the payment. This means you no longer have to manually key in the details, for example regarding the recipient. Scanning the QR code also eliminates the risk of typos. This makes it a much quicker way to pay your premium invoices that takes only a few clicks.

Good to know: You can still submit your invoices manually for payment via your bank or post office.
If you use a standing order to pay your premiums, you must replace the old account number (ISR participant number) in the system. You will find the new QR IBAN on your invoice to the right of the QR code.

Except in the case of standing orders, you don't have to make any changes when using the following payment methods:

  • E-billing
  • Direct debit
  • Direct debit (PostFinance)

What our customers have to say

Jürg Suhner
«santé24 is a really valuable healthcare organisation. It's so great to be able to count on your expert services if I fall ill, or if I need advice after being ill. Your health advice deserves particular praise. As a SWICA customer, I always feel well looked after with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to deal with my concerns. One satisfied customer!»
Dimitri Moschos
«We've all had calls from health insurers offering us lower premiums and asking us to switch to them. However, in the case of my family and me, the excellent service and care we get from the SWICA office in Olten have kept us there as loyal customers for years. Most of my dealings with SWICA have been with Renate Peter, who helps me with whatever I need and gives great advice. Policyholders often face complicated issues, but I could always count on SWICA's help and appreciate their friendly style – something not to be taken for granted these days. So, I’m happy to share my experience with SWICA with others. Keep it up! By the way, having had the same contact person for years tells me that the Olten branch must be a good place to work.»
Cigdem Kalin
«Mr. Salomon in Aadorf is a very helpful and dedicated person, he can help us in terms of insurance policies and private support for health related issues. When we need, we know that Herr Salomon is always there. Thank you so much.»
Simone Isler
«SWICA is the best health insurer in Switzerland by far. I tried CSS, Arcosana, Concordia and others, but then I switched back to SWICA. Thanks to SWICA, instead of having more than 12 days of migraines a month, with the injection I now only have one day and my quality of life is so much better! SWICA is very straightforward, fast and has fantastic customer service!»
Karin Both
«If I could choose an "Employee of the Year 2021", I would nominate Serkan Koca. He thinks for himself, scrutinises the policies closely and has given me really good advice. He is knowledgeable and very friendly. Excellent customer service. Great!»
Jean-Claude Manghardt
«Attentive staff who respond to questions quickly and precisely, helpful advice (particularly in the magazine), a useful application featuring, for example, a simple procedure for submitting invoices and settling them promptly – these are just some of the reasons why I have been putting my trust in SWICA for more than 50 years without fail.»
Hans Maurer
«Every Swica experience has been completely satisfying for me. In the many years I've been with Swica, I've always been very satisfied! Capable, motivated, reliable, friendly and fast. What more could you ask? Quite simply the number one.»
Karin Arigoni
«In the autumn of 2013 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It came as a massive shock to me. SWICA reassured me straight away and explained that it is a health insurance company that really covers the disease. Today I’m doing very well and I’m very grateful to SWICA.»
Nadine Wild
«I'd like to express my sincere thanks. I'm very happy with Swica's services, their caring, friendly and expert handling of my case, and the way they support their customers. I'd particularly like to thank Mr Salomon, who worked on my case in a capable, friendly and warm manner. He kept me well informed and always followed up with me promptly to provide updates without my having to ask (something I had never experienced before). I can recommend Swica Aadorf with absolutely no reservations.»
Daniel Longhi
«I would especially like to thank Hugo Garcia for his speed and professionalism in dealing with my supplementary insurance request. He is very easy to talk to and really listened to my needs. I'm very happy to have been in contact with him. I wish him every success in his work.»
Orlando De-Stefani
«I’ve been insured with SWICA for decades and I’m delighted. Praeventa is brilliant because I buy orthopaedic shoes for my damaged feet and have been able to do preventive physiotherapy. SWICA is so good that I’ve been rejecting the overtures of other insurers for years.»
Oliver Etter
«The people at SWICA are always very friendly and helpful when I contact them and provide me quickly with the information I need. I know that there are other insurers with lower rates, but I've always appreciated SWICA's service. The fact that I've been with them for years clearly says a lot.»
Patricia Atz-Breslaw
«I've been more than satisfied for many years. Last year the BENEVITA health platform helped me a lot. I took myself in hand and lost 20 kilos, and I’ve been able to keep the weight off ever since. Now all I have to do is stay as healthy as I am now and live till I’m at least a hundred.»
Vincent Faysse
«Digital insurance! I very much appreciate the services provided by the website and the mobile app: easy document transfer, a complete picture of your coverage, a wide range of information, etc.
It’s a real time-saver!»
Susan Danuser
«santé24 always gives very good, knowledgeable and friendly advice over the phone. Thank you!»
Kristina Crnogaj
«We were on holiday in Dubai. I began to feel ill during the very first night. I had heart problems, so we had to go to the hospital. sante24 was a great help to us during this time, because we didn’t understand everything in English. Thanks to sante24 I felt safe and cared for abroad.»
Peter Markstaller
«After various frustrating experiences with other health insurers the personal professional advice provided by the SWICA representative persuaded me, even though SWICA is somewhat more expensive than other insurers. I’m a really happy customer: great service, professional advice, clear invoicing... SWICA is going to have to do something special to get rid of me»
Fabienne Grass
«I really love the invoice app. It’s so easy to use. And so quick.»
Florian Allenspach
«A health insurer shows its real qualities when you become ill. When I had surgery on my back seven years ago SWICA was always there for me. I benefited from preferential treatment in the hospital and straightforward processes. I can warmly recommend SWICA to anyone.»
Jacqueline Vera-Xiria Geiger
«The tips I received from the BENEVITA team made me aware of exactly what I had to change in my eating and exercise routines. It's true that I was taking a lot of exercise and eating appropriate foods, but the exercise I was doing turned out to be inefficient and I wasn’t eating enough protein. Now I’ve lost four kilos – my body is more toned and I’m pleased with how I look.»