Insurance for dental hygiene, dental braces and orthodontic work

Dental insurance for a beautiful smile

Your teeth can cause a lot of pain, both literally and financially. DENTA will help keep your teeth and your budget healthy

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Dental treatment and dental hygiene

SWICA contributes towards the cost of treatments including:

  • Check-ups
  • Dental hygiene
  • Dental treatment

Orthodontic work

Orthodontic work for children and young adults has become widely accepted, and also very expensive. That's why SWICA pays twice the sum insured for orthodontic work up to the age of 25.

Co-payments in basic insurance:
SWICA charges the co-payments prescribed by law or defined in the contract for these benefits.

FAQ regarding supplementary dental insurance

Supplementary dental insurance fills in any gaps left by your mandatory basic cover. The law only allows for costs to be covered by basic insurance in the case of serious illnesses of the masticatory system or if the treatment is related to a very serious general illness. By taking out supplementary dental insurance, you can protect yourself against the high costs of dental treatment, dental hygiene and orthodontic procedures (for children and young people).
Supplementary dental insurance covers the cost of check-ups, dental hygiene and dental treatment. Orthodontic work for children and young adults has become almost the norm, and is also very expensive. That’s why SWICA pays twice the sum insured for orthodontic work up to the patient’s 25th birthday.
SWICA recommends that parents take out DENTA supplementary dental insurance alongside COMPLETA TOP and COMPLETA FORTE supplementary insurance by their child’s fifth birthday.
Implant cover by supplementary dental insurance depends on the underlying cause. Implants fall into the “dental treatment” category and tend to be covered by supplementary dental insurance.

Exclusive services and advantages for SWICA customers with supplementary insurance

  • Over 100 offers and contributions of up to 1'300 francs per year for health-promoting activities and preventive healthcare (find out more)
  • Support from alternative therapy methods thanks to the equal consideration of conventional and complementary medicine
  • Discounts and the innovative TytoHome telemedicine device for medical examinations at home
  • Reduced hourly rate for care for your home during hospital or medical spa stays (Home Attendant service)

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