Teabags – they're good for more than just tea

Do you toss your teabags away after one use? You might want to reconsider. Teabags contain valuable ingredients that you can use for all kinds of practical purposes – to alleviate skin conditions, for example, or repel insects. Read on to learn more.
Do you enjoy having a nice cup of tea every now and then? Afterwards you probably just throw the used teabag away. But teabags that are plastic-free and have only been used once are far too good for the bin. Even after you’ve used them to make tea, they still contain valuable ingredients.

Help with skin problems

If you're short on sleep and have dark rings around your eyes, just place a cold teabag (black or green tea) on your eyes for fifteen minutes and the dark circles will noticeably fade. You can even get relief for scratches, bruises or insect bites by placing a damp (black or green) teabag on them. The tannins in tea have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to reduce swelling and redness more quickly.

A natural odour eliminator for shoes

When you come back from a run and find that your trainers are emitting a strong odour, simply put two used, dried teabags in them. They absorb the moisture from the shoes, leaving a pleasant scent. Peppermint teabags and other fragrant herbal teas are especially good choices.

Repel insects and mosquitoes

If you don't love mosquitoes and other insects but they seem to love you, used teabags can help. The scent of lemongrass, lemon balm or lavender tea is particularly good for repelling mosquitoes. Put the bags in places where the insects like to congregate and they will soon buzz off.

A soothing bath product

Many herbal teas have ingredients that are good for the skin. Sage has an antiperspirant effect, thyme relieves period pain, and lemon balm can help you sleep. It's very easy to make your own infusion that you can then add to your bath water. Just pour hot water onto one or more used teabags and leave them to steep – and your homemade bath soak is ready.

Did you read everything carefully?

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