Discounts on health insurance premiums with GP model

Basic insurance with the general practitioner model

Under FAVORIT CASA basic insurance, your primary point of contact for all health-related matters is the general practitioner (GP) you chose from the directory of doctors.

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Benefits included in basic insurance

The various basic insurance models all offer the same benefits. The only difference between the models is the choice of first point of contact for medical questions. The benefits provided under basic insurance include:

  • Conventional medical treatment and complementary medicine
  • Hospital stays in the general ward
  • Emergency transport and search and rescue operations
  • Treatment abroad in emergencies

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How the GP model works

Under the FAVORIT CASA general practitioner model you choose your GP from a comprehensive directory of doctors. After the initial consultation your GP will refer you to a specialist or therapist if required. This way your health needs are comprehensively covered.

  • Your GP remains your initial point of contact
  • Free choice of general practitioner from SWICA's comprehensive directory of doctors
  • You get a discount of between 10% and 16.5% on your premium (learn more). Use our premium calculator for an easy way to compare premiums for SWICA basic insurance plans and your potential savings: go to premium calculator.

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Frequently asked questions about the GP model

With the family doctor model you get an attractive discount on your premiums and the same benefits as under the STANDARD basic insurance. The only difference is the choice of contact point: under the general practitioner (GP) model, your first point of contact for medical matters is always your GP. They will also discuss with you any further steps in your treatment.
  • In emergencies
  • Children up to the age of 18 can be treated by a paediatrician without referral
  • Appointments with an eye doctor or a gynaecologist
  • When getting treatment during a temporary stay abroad
If needed, the doctors and medical staff at santé24 will be glad to answer your questions 24 hours a day on +41 44 404 86 86.
If possible, please always contact your general practitioner first. In an emergency you can go directly to an emergency centre or hospital. Inform your general practitioner about any emergency treatment as soon as possible afterwards. The doctors and medical staff at santé24 will also be glad to advise you on +41 44 404 86 86, around the clock.

When you switch from the STANDARD basic insurance plan to the GP plan, SWICA gives you a discount of between 10% and 16.5% on your premiums. The exact discount depends on where you live, your age and your chosen excess. Below, we have provided examples of how the minimum and maximum possible discounts are determined under the GP plan:

  • Minimum discount: Adult aged 26 or over, living in Delémont, excess: CHF 300, no accident cover, standard premium: CHF 580.10, with 10% discount: monthly premium of CHF 522.10.
  • Maximum discount: Adult aged 26 or over, living in Willisau, excess: CHF 300, no accident cover, standard premium: CHF 465.20, with 16.5% discount: monthly premium of CHF 388.50.

You can see the possible premium discount for you directly in our premium calculator:

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You can benefit from attractive premium discounts by choosing an alternative basic insurance model. By increasing the excess you can cut your premiums even further. SWICA also offers family discounts for children and young people.

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You can also benefit from lower co-payments if you have also taken out any supplementary insurance with SWICA. SWICA is the only health insurance company that applies co-payments from SWICA basic insurance to SWICA supplementary insurance. This means your maximum annual co-payment is significantly lower than it would be with other health insurers.

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Exclusive services and advantages free to all SWICA customers

  • Free, 24-hour telemedicine service from santé24 doctors and medical staff
  • SWICA customer service available 24/7 in Switzerland and abroad
  • Expert advice on medication, exercise, nutrition, medicinal plants and vaccinations
  • active4life programme with 100 benefits and discount offers at selected partners

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We are happy to advise you

Would you like more information on SWICA or a personal consultation? Client Services would be happy to assist. Call us on 0800 80 90 80 or send us a message using the contact form below.

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Outstanding customer satisfaction

Comparis, K-Tipp, and AmPuls - in comparisons of health insurers, SWICA outperformed all the major Swiss health insurers to secure first place overall for customer satisfaction. You too can place your trust in SWICA and benefit from the exclusive advantages it offers.

What our customers have to say

Beatrice Grolimund
«I’ve been with SWICA since 1955; before that I was with ZOKU. I’ve never regretted making the change. SWICA’s benefits are comprehensive and effective. So, if you get sick, this gives you a good feeling, which helps you get back on your feet more quickly.»
Mattia Baldi
«My family and I trust in SWICA. I was a professional ice hockey player for 14 years and accidents were the order of the day. Our medical team always looked after us extremely well. After my sports career ended, I decided that I wanted the same care and security for my family and myself. With SWICA I’ve found the ideal partner for my family.»
Marcel Sowa
«Whether it’s processing doctors’ bills or getting help in choosing a doctor, we always have a helpful and professional point of contact. Actually, we hope that we will never need SWICA, but in the final analysis it’s good to know that we can rely on it.»
Marion Heinemann
«I’m very happy to be insured with SWICA. You only notice how good your health insurer really is when you run into a health problem. SWICA is always there for you, its advisers are very friendly, and questions about your cover are always handled quickly.
Thanks a lot for all you've done.»
Oliver Etter
«The people at SWICA are always very friendly and helpful when I contact them and provide me quickly with the information I need. I know that there are other insurers with lower rates, but I've always appreciated SWICA's service. The fact that I've been with them for years clearly says a lot.»
Remo Kistler
«The Benevita Health Programme is really great because it motivates me to get more exercise in my daily life. And you can use the various challenges to compete with your friends.»
Theresa Blüder
«I came to Switzerland from Germany in 2017 to join my boyfriend. I signed up with SWICA thanks to positive recommendations. I had the feeling right from the start that SWICA was the right insurer for me. I was offered exactly what I wanted and at a fair price!»
Urs Dübendorfer
«The whole family has been impressed with the professional and expert advice we get from SWICA. SWICA are there to advise and support us. This is a health insurer you can rely on. You can really feel that they care about the health of their customers.»
Ursina Gabathuler
«I’ve been insured with SWICA for as long as I can remember. Fortunately I’ve always enjoyed good health, and I intend to ensure that it stays that way. Thanks to the Completa Praeventa contribution towards my gym membership and my annual membership at the pool, I am more motivated to do something to stay in good physical health.»
Max Gugger
«SWICA gave me all-round support when I had an accident abroad. It was a great relief»
Florian Allenspach
«A health insurer shows its real qualities when you become ill. When I had surgery on my back seven years ago SWICA was always there for me. I benefited from preferential treatment in the hospital and straightforward processes. I can warmly recommend SWICA to anyone.»