Across the country with all the family

Autumn is hiking season. However, it is not always easy to get the kids excited. The following tips and tricks make any excursion an exciting experience even for very young children.

Many enjoy the last rays of the warm sun in the autumn on a gorgeous hiking trip. Kids also love strolling through nature and marvelling at the plants and animals. The following tips will help you to motivate children to go hiking.


Joint preparation

Plan your excursion together with your kids. Prefer loop routes with different terrains, because they offer more variety than a simple there and back. Themed hiking routes that convey culture and knowledge in a playful manner are also recommended. You can find many exciting ideas for excursions here.


Age-based trips

Adjust your excursion to the age of your children. Kids take smaller steps than adults and therefore get tired sooner. Day trips of up to five hours should therefore only be taken from the sixth year of age.


Attractive interim objectives

Choose beautiful places to rest such as fireplaces, streams or playgrounds, which the children can look forward to during the hike. This acts as an additional motivation.



Select solid and waterproof shoes. Dress in layers, so you are prepared for any weather. In addition, a spare jumper can also be packed. Do not forget the rain and sun protection (hat, sunscreen and sunglasses) as well as a first aid kit.


Food and drink

One to two litres of water or sugar-free tea are suitable as your drink. Prepare your picnic yourself, and let your children help you. Ideal are self-made sandwiches with wholemeal bread, cheese and cold cuts as well as various salads (potato, rice or pasta salads). But consider the weight of the food, because you will be carrying your lunch with you in your rucksack all day. When preparing your lunch, also think of little snacks for during your hike. Nuts and raisins, muesli or energy bars as well as various fruits and vegetables (cucumber, peppers, carrots or kohlrabi) are particularly suitable as a snack.


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