Alcohol: drinking sensibly in day-to-day situations and at celebrations

In the advent season, at company dinners and during Christmas events many of us like to enjoy an extra glass or two. But a sensible approach to alcohol is crucial, because – as we all know – it is the dose that makes the poison. Follow these tips and you can happily enjoy a few tipples.

The enjoyment of alcohol has a long tradition: with canapés at special events, as an accompaniment to a celebratory meal, or as an ingredient in cooking. Moderate consumption can even have a positive influence on your health. A glass of wine a day, for example, protects against myocardial infarction and stroke. However, wine should be enjoyed in moderation both in day-to-day situations and during parties and celebrations.

Some tips for the day-to-day enjoyment of alcohol

  • Alcohol is a poor thirst quencher; mineral water, unsweetened teas and diluted fruit juices are better if you're thirsty.
  • Opt for drinks with a low alcohol content. There are excellent non-alcoholic alternatives.
  • Enjoy alcohol with a meal. The food intake will slow down the rate at which alcohol enters your bloodstream. Also drink with moderation during meals and do not empty your glass in one go.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol late in the evening because the body does not metabolize it as well in the evening as it does during the day.
  • Alcoholic drinks should be avoided entirely if you're driving, before or during sport, and during work hours.

Extra tips for special events

  • Before an event, decide how much you want to drink and stick to your decision.
  • Don't drink on an empty stomach because the alcohol gets into your bloodstream more quickly this way.
  • If rounds are being bought, opt for non-alcoholic alternatives.
  • Drink a glass of something non-alcoholic every now and then, and always order a bottle of water with every bottle of wine.
  • Put your glass down between each sip. That way you will drink more slowly.
  • Don't let others talk you into drinking alcohol or allow yourself to be pressurised into drinking by colleagues. Real friends will respect your decision to drink less or not at all.
  • The ability to hold your drink is neither a virtue nor a worthwhile goal.


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