How to boost your life expectancy

The fact that sport has a positive impact on our health and wellbeing has been well known for some time now. Tennis and team sports also offer additional aspects. Team sports not only keep us fit. They also show us how to work in a team, and they teach us other important values.

First and foremost, sport should be fun. Exercise gives us a necessary break from our working lives and has a positive impact on our health. Life expectancy rises noticeably, especially in the case of sports that are practised by two or more people. This is primarily due to the social aspect of these sports.


Extended lifespan

A recent Danish study concluded that playing tennis regularly can prolong life expectancy by as much as ten years. By comparison, joggers can expect to add just 3.2 years to their life span. However, the researchers are convinced that the social aspects are the main driver for increased life expectancy. In other words, interaction with others has a positive impact, regardless of whether you play volleyball or go jogging with a group. In addition, many friendships made on the field of sport extend beyond it. You can make new friends playing a team sport and then meet outside the gym to have dinner and spend time together. These friendships and shared experiences strengthen our self-confidence and wellbeing.


Respect, tolerance and fairness

Team sports also have one other important aspect: they teach us how to work in a team. In a team you learn how to get along with other people. It doesn’t matter what age, gender or nationality a person is. Values such as togetherness, respect, tolerance and fairness are central, especially in team sports. It’s less about the individual, and more about succeeding together.


Prevention contributions for fitness and exercise

Taking exercise and building up your strength will help keep you fit and healthy. That's why SWICA customers receive up to CHF 900* towards activities and exercise (CHF 1'300 for fitness centres with a sauna) under the COMPLETA FORTE, COMPLETA PRAEVENTA and OPTIMA supplementary insurance plans. This applies to qualified fitness centres and to selected sports associations.
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