Dermatological skin examination services

Skin check: quick professional help with skin conditions

Whether you have a rash, a fungal infection or itchy or inflamed skin, you can have your condition assessed quickly and easily by a specialist. santé24 offers SWICA customers free dermatological advice and, whenever possible, a recommended treatment path. SWICA also works with the OnlineDoctor service. On this platform, users can have their skin conditions assessed by specialists for 49 francs.

Dermatological advice from santé24

A telemedicine examination is perfect for classifying skin problems. The santé24 telemedicine service offers SWICA customers skin consultations and treatment recommendations free of charge. If necessary, the doctors at santé24 will ask for a dermatologist's opinion within 48 hours. Prescriptions can be collected at a pharmacy of your choice and billed through SWICA.

SWICA customers can access the BENECURA app and its SymptomCheck feature if they have questions about skin problems or use the app to take photos. The app gives users detailed instructions regarding the best way to take pictures of a skin issue from three different angles. The app also offers the advantage of a secure connection for sending information from SymptomCheck and images to santé24. "If the doctors at santé24 are given high-quality photos, we can often provide a quick and straightforward assessment of the situation with the help of the information provided by the patient," explained Silke Schmitt Oggier, Medical Director at santé24.

In the event of further health-related questions, SWICA customers can contact the santé24 telemedicine service free of charge around the clock on +41 44 404 86 86.

Certified quality with EQUAM

santé24 prioritises quality in its telemedicine advice and treatment. Its doctors and health specialists are regularly checked and certified by the EQUAM foundation. You can find out more about the label at (in German).

Good to know
Are you concerned about a mole on your skin? If you have any doubt about whether a mole is benign or malignant, you must have it checked out in person by a dermatologist. Even if you are able to provide high-quality photos, a conclusive verdict cannot be given over the phone for legal reasons.

OnlineDoctor – online assistance with skin problems

The dermatologists on the OnlineDoctor platform assess skin problems quickly and professionally. You will receive a specialist assessment and a recommended treatment option within 48 hours, conveniently from your home. SWICA customers pay a reduced price of 49 instead of 55 francs for this service. The costs cannot be invoiced through SWICA. To qualify for the reduced price, enter SWICA22 as the code when submitting your enquiry.

Start skin check now

FAQ for the OnlineDoctor

  • Click on «Start skin check now» and select an OnlineDoctor from the list.
  • Describe your symptoms and upload up to three pictures of your skin problem. To qualify for the reduced price, enter SWICA22 as the code when submitting your enquiry.
  • Within 48 hours – often after just a few hours – you will receive an initial assessment and a treatment recommendation.
  • Professional and trustworthy: The assessment is carried out by experienced dermatologists licensed in Switzerland.
  • Secure and compliant with data protection: Your data is treated in the strictest confidence and cannot be accessed by SWICA.
  • Quick: You will receive a response within a few hours – within 48 hours at the latest.
  • Easy to access from anywhere: A recommendation for your skin problem is possible anytime and anywhere.
If you launch your online skin check from our website, you will pay 49 instead of 55 francs. You will be responsible for settling this bill and can’t claim the amount from your insurance. To qualify for the reduced price, enter SWICA22 as the code when submitting your enquiry.
You will immediately receive a treatment recommendation. If the OnlineDoctor recommends that you consult a physician, you proceed as usual by contacting the person designated by your basic insurance model, for example your GP if you have the family doctor model.
Your data will be protected under the OnlineDoctor's privacy policy. SWICA has no access to communications between you and the OnlineDoctor.

Personal consultation

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