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Simple, rapid and secure service with the SWICA apps

Wherever you are, you can use the SWICA apps to access a range of services.

  • Invoice scanning: submit your claims-related documents online with mySWICA
  • Bonus programme: keep active, collect points and benefit with BENEVITA
  • SymptomCheck and self-help: with BENECURA you have your health in your hands
  • Always have your medical data to hand: Compassana helps you manage your healthcare

SWICA mobile-app

With the mySWICA app you can view and update all your health insurance information 24/7 in the customer portal – simply, quickly and digitally. Whether you're at home or on the road, you can find all your documents (e.g. policies, premium statements and benefit statements), updated daily, in your digital mailbox. With the app, you can scan invoices, submit them online, and keep track of the status of your submitted receipts. You can also see your co-payment balance. The integrated messaging function enables you to send any queries to the right person.

The mobile app is provided free of charge and is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

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Physical fitness, a balanced diet and regular relaxation are important for a healthy lifestyle. BENEVITA is a health coach and bonus programme that supports your personal commitment in all areas of health.

Do a quiz, cook a healthy meal, take part in a morning meditation or connect your fitness tracker to earn points. As well as being rewarded with a healthy lifestyle, those taking part will also benefit from premium discounts on the COMPLETA and HOSPITA supplementary insurance plans as well as other attractive offers. Get active – BENEVITA is worth your while.

BENEVITA is provided to you by SWICA free of charge. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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The BENECURA app from SWICA is the platform for everything to do with your health. You can access a range of services: The digital "SymptomCheck" function has been developed by doctors to deliver personalised recommendations; the "Health Dossier" securely stores your documents; "PreventionCheck" delivers check-up recommendations; and "Ready for doctor" helps you prepare for a doctor's appointment. You will find the specialised medical dictionary and the medication list to be useful references for getting a basic overview of a range of diseases and medicines. BENECURA is the first medical app of a health insurer in Switzerland, marking a truly unique achievement.

Your advantages:
  • Services
    You can use the services provided by BENECURA to obtain information easily, quickly and reliably and receive a recommendation on what to do next.
  • Available
    As your digital contact point, BENECURA is available by smartphone around the clock. Even when you're away from home or on a trip abroad.
  • Security
    The app saves your data in encrypted form in a dossier that only you can access. On request, you can send selected data to santé24 and doctors in an encrypted format. SWICA cannot access your information.

The mobile app is free of charge and available for both iPhone and Android devices.

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Would you like to have information on your healthcare at your fingertips whenever you want it? Compassana is an app that helps people to manage their healthcare. It can provide answers to questions such as: How should I take my medication? Where am I in my treatment plan? What costs does my health insurance cover? How can I find the right people to contact? Compassana is a simple, secure and convenient way to manage your healthcare.

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What our customers have to say.

Vincent Faysse
«Digital insurance! I very much appreciate the services provided by the website and the mobile app: easy document transfer, a complete picture of your coverage, a wide range of information, etc.
It’s a real time-saver!»
Michael Griebsch
«Taking part in the TytoHome pilot saved us several visits to the doctor, and the feedback fed back directly into improving the service. We’re now keen users of telemedicine.»
Fabienne Grass
«I really love the invoice app. It’s so easy to use. And so quick.»
Marcel Wild
«TytoHome is very easy and straightforward to use. Nothing can go wrong if you read the instructions. TytoHome gives me more flexibility and lets me do things when I want to. I strongly recommend using TytoHome.»