Fit in the office: going for a run during your lunch break

Jogging at lunchtime is becoming more and more popular. Running can be a welcome change, especially for people who spend most of their day in front of a computer. Below you can find some information about using your lunch break to keep fit.
It's a well-known fact that active breaks boost concentration and performance. But it can be difficult to find time for active leisure pursuits because stress, pressure and full schedules tend to dominate our working lives. However, if you can use your lunch break to go for a jog and grab some fresh air, you'll find it gives you an energy boost for the rest of the afternoon.

Get organised!

Running at lunchtime can be a real logistical exercise for some office workers. You have to take your jogging kit to work with you, and you have to find somewhere to change and shower. Often your office will be in a built-up area where there are no really attractive jogging routes. But it's worth remembering that most towns have parks or other green spaces where you can find a quiet spot to jog. The good thing about this is that you'll be warmed up before you reach the actual jogging zone!

Jogging with others

Why not arrange to go jogging with a colleague or a jogging group? You'll find that it's much more fun to go running with others – and you'll make new friends.


Maybe you don't feel like going outside when it's wet and windy. In this case it's best to have a fallback plan. Running on a treadmill, for instance, is one way of taking exercise even in bad weather. Another option is to sign up for the sports courses which some companies offer. Find out what your company has to offer. This will enable you to vary your training programme, find out about other sports, and make new friends.

Food and drink

People often don't feel hungry after taking exercise. However, it's vital to replenish your energy reserves if you want to work effectively during the afternoon. A light snack immediately after exercise can help bridge the gap until dinner.

The more you do for your health, the more you benefit.

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