advice for public transport

Using public transport – some advice from SWICA

Since 11 May 2020, normality has begun to return to our everyday life. Shops are open again and trains, trams and buses are running more frequently. The new health tip explains the factors that you should consider when using public transport.
With the latest step announced by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), some sorely missed quality has returned to our lives. Since 11 May 2020, shops selling clothes, toys and electronic goods have been allowed to reopen, and public transport around the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has also resumed regular operations. More services are running. Many working people are therefore beginning to use public transport again.

Protection guidelines for public transport

In order to prevent commuters and public transport employees from becoming infected with COVID-19, the SBB and Postauto have drawn up some guidelines for public transport in consultation with the FOPH and the Federal Office of Transport (FOT).

The guidelines state that a minimum distance of two metres must be maintained on public transport. If this is not possible, the wearing of a face mask is strongly recommended. The FOPH website explains how to use face masks correctly. In addition, commuters should avoid the rush hour whenever possible. Single-use and season tickets can be bought online (from the website or app) or from vending machines. This means that it should be possible to avoid crowding at ticket desks, for example. If for some reason you have to go to a ticket desk, you should use cashless payments and observe social distancing rules.

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Personal responsibility and solidarity

There are also some "rules" that you should follow when you are waiting at a station or in a bus or tram shelter. So you should use the available space in the waiting area to maintain two-metre distancing. When a train, for example, pulls in, a corridor can be formed to leave enough room for passengers to disembark. The SBB is also calling on everyone to show personal responsibility and solidarity. By following the rules, we can all make a real contribution to curbing the spread of coronavirus.

Additional information

Information on the protection guidelines published by the SBB, Postauto, the FOPH and FOT can be found on the websites of the SBB or FOPH (in german).

In the event of further health-related questions, SWICA customers can contact the santé24 telemedicine service free of charge on +41 44 404 86 86. A telemedicine practice licence allows santé24 physicians to provide additional medical services in cases that are suited to a telemedicine approach. SWICA customers can also use the BENECURA medical app to carry out a digital SymptomCheck and receive recommendations about what to do next. During a subsequent phone call with santé24, customers can decide for themselves whether to release their information from SymptomCheck to santé24.