Tea – enjoyment and healing from nature

Tea offers not only a huge variety of flavours but also helps to ease symptoms and provide relaxation when you're facing a minor or major illness. Read more about which herbs can counter which symptoms and how you can enhance your general wellbeing.

Linden flower

  • Main properties: Induces sweating during a cold with fever.
  • Description: Linden flower tea is the number one household remedy to use when you're having the flu. While it relieves sore throat and coughing, it also helps you to fight cramps, pain and inflammations of all kinds. But not only does it help you to combat colds, you can also use it against migraine or stomach ache, or when you're feeling anxious.
  • Tip: Use linden flower extracts also as a bath essence. Thanks to the calming and sleep-inducing effect from the flowers, taking a bath of this sort is particularly relaxing.


  • Main properties: Relaxes tensions, relieves bloating and promotes digestion in case of stomach and intestinal disorders.
  • Description: Peppermint is a classic home remedy against stomach and intestinal disorders, cramps, bloating, diarrhoea and nausea. In addition, the plant is particularly popular because it freshens up your breath.
  • Tip: Use fresh peppermint. For best effect, pour boiling water over the leaves and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes while covered.

Black tea

  • Main properties: A pick-me-up with caffeine that helps you boost concentration and acts as a tried and tested remedy against diarrhoea.
  • Description: Black tea is known as "real tea" because it is exclusively made from the leaves, buds and flowers of evergreen tee plants. For a stimulating effect, let it steep for two to three minutes, long enough to fully release the tannins and give you tea that ideally suited for a relaxing moment.
  • Tip: Those who would rather avoid the bitter flavour can add a bit of milk or cream.


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