Dispelling some myths about dieting

A lot of myths about different ways of losing weight continue to prevail, many of which are based on half-truths. It's therefore worth it to separate fact from fiction.

As summer approaches, many of us may be thinking about ways of shedding a few kilos before heading for the beach. And while searching for a suitable diet, those who are serious about losing weight will come across endless amounts of dietary advice and methods that promise the world. Unfortunately, much of what you will read or hear does not live up to the promises made. We therefore took a closer look at some of the myths concerning weight-loss.


Light products will make you slim

You will generally find low-fat products in the drinks section of the store, or near the milk products or cold cuts. However, they generally are ineffective when it comes to losing weight because they fail to quench your appetite, even though they often have fewer calories than the original product. As a result, people often end up eating more of them. And because the flavour is generally in the fat, low-fat foods will often have additional sugar in order to ensure there's enough taste. Anyone who is committed to losing weight should therefore take a close look at the calorie information of the products he or she consumes.


Skipping dinner helps you shed kilos fast

Skipping the evening meal continues to be one of the most persistent myths on losing weight. This method, however, works only if you pay attention also to your calorie intake during the day. Remember that it's the total amount of energy you take on board throughout the day that counts; the time of day when you skimp on calories is irrelevant. By skipping dinner you also run the risk of wanting to tuck into a big breakfast in the morning. And you may end up sleeping badly.


Doing sports guarantees weight-loss

Getting enough exercise plays a decisive role when it comes to losing weight. At the same time, doing sports burns fat only if you don't replace the calories by eating additional amounts afterwards. The most effective way of losing weight and keeping it off is by combining sports with a healthy low-calorie diet.


Losing weight means going hungry

In principle, the healthiest way of losing weight is not by dieting but by changing the types of things you eat. Luckily we have many options today for taking in a healthy and balanced diet. In theory this means you can eat just about anything – but in moderation. Those who starve themselves are most likely to experience the yo-yo effect afterwards. Consequently the key to any long-term success in changing your eating habits depends on not feeling hungry.


Contribution to your health

SWICA supports persons insured under a COMPLETA PRAEVENTA or OPTIMA plan with contributions towards nutritional analyses and advice from recognised advisors and dietary assistants and towards courses on a conscious and healthful diet.


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