Sport and activity holidays

Holidays are there to be enjoyed, but not everyone wants to spend them slowly roasting on the beach. Some people enjoy being active on holiday. More and more Swiss people are using the "best weeks of the year" for sports activities and are booking sport and activity holidays.
No matter how big or small the budget, whether far away or right on your doorstep, activity holidays are becoming ever more popular. Take a look at our inspirational suggestions and return to work brimming with vitality.

Bicycle tours

Bicycles are the ideal mode of transport for discovering previously unexplored regions while also doing something for your health. Cycling not only allows you to commune with nature on traffic-free forest paths or alongside winding streams and rivers, it also takes you to places that invite you to linger. You can find some interesting suggestions at SchweizMobil or EuroVelo.

Camping holidays

Whether young or old, alone or with the whole family, camping remains enormously popular. Camping is an ideal low-cost alternative to expensive holiday apartments and hotels for families or individuals on a restricted budget. It's not just great fun; it's also a fantastic adventure for young and old. You can find a selection of Switzerland's most beautiful campsites on the TCS website (only in German).

Adventure holidays

These holidays offer endless variety. Every day you have the opportunity to do something new and different. They are ideal for solo travellers looking for an in-depth all-round experience of countries near and far. They generally cater for small groups, which means they're perfect for making new friends and meeting new travelling companions. You can find great offers through travel agencies like Globetrotter (only in German) or StaTravel.

VACANZA – SWICA's travel insurance for worldwide protection

In the event of illness or accident abroad, VACANZA supplementary insurance offers optimum cover around the globe. SWICA offers you worldwide financial protection and pays for medical treatment and any rescue and repatriation costs. You can find out more here.

In the event of further health-related questions, SWICA customers can contact the santé24 telemedicine service free of charge on +41 44 404 86 86. A telemedicine practice licence allows santé24 physicians to provide additional medical services in cases that are suited to a telemedicine approach. SWICA customers can also use the BENECURA medical app to carry out a digital SymptomCheck and receive recommendations about what to do next. During a subsequent phone call with santé24, customers can decide for themselves whether to release their information from SymptomCheck to santé24.